what do you carry?

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G26 with 10 round magazine, and a G17 magazine as spare. I use this combo year-round, both in business and casual attire.

The only time it will change, is if I am walking my land. Then I will sometimes carry a 4" GP-100 OWB.
TR Guy, do you find that the bigger grip on your j frame in that desantis nemisis holster is a bit much for CC or do you have bigger pockets than me? I tried a pachmayr decelerator which I think is about the same size and it is just enough big enough it prints quite badly for me. The factory uncle mikes grips hide a lot better for me.
Currently carrying a Ruger Security Six, 4" bbl, but researching smaller/lighter .38 revolvers for purchase. I'm kind of partial to Rugers, so I'm looking at the SP-101 and the LCR, and also evaluating the S&W J-frame...
My three favorite carry pistols are the

Kahr PM9, Kahr P380, and S&W 340PD. The PM9 is my constant companion (Desantis Nemisis holster). The P380 and 340PD are carried intermittently depending on clothing and weather.
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I always (except at work, which is a CPZ) have one of my 380's on me: Sig Saur P238, Ruger LCP, or Bersa Thunder .380CC.

I've also taken to carrying my CZ P-07 Duty lately. I didn't buy it as a daily carry gun, but its performance changed my mind in a hurry. Couldn't get it to jam, no matter how hard I tried, and I shot very well with it. I will say though, it has some sharp, and I mean SHARP corners that make IWB carry difficult. Still looking for the perfect holster for it.
beretta 30-32 tomcat and my S&W ExtremeOps lock blade knife i ran through th dishwasher a few times and sprayed with rem oil for a release thats faster than any switchblade ive ever seen. makes for a nice CQC combo.
forgot to mention keep it loaded with FMJs and hollow tips every other round. FMJ first round as a warning shot if possible, dont want to waste the damage dealer
Smith & Wesson Model 637 Airweight. Great drop-in-the-pocket gun with BDU shorts in the summertime. Living in southeast Texas, this one gets the most year-round carry time. The HKS speed loaders go in another pocket.

Smith & Wesson Model 60 with 3-inch barrel. I special-ordered the Model 60 Pro grips from Smith & Wesson. I sometimes carry this and the Model 637 as my "New York Reload."

For those times when only the beast will do... FN-Herstal FNP-9 with one or two spare clips. Gives me the best part of a box of ammo.
Always a situational awareness....

oh, weapon as in CCW?

Full size 1911 in a Milt Sparks #Axiom, gun belt
and an IWB single mag carrier.

Double Tap +P .45 ACP

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