What is the favorite and least favorite gun in your collection?

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Feb 28, 2006
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What is the favorite and least favorite gun in your collection!

I guess since I started this it is only fair for me to list mine:

FAVORITE - SAKO Finnlight in 6.5 X 55. Everything a deer rifle needs to be.

LEAST FAVORITE - ROMANIAN WASR-10 AK - I love AK's, but this is just a barely entry model. It looks cool, but I wouldn't want to stake my life on it.
FAV: Tie between Saiga 12 and Saiga 308

LEAST FAV: Hi-Point 9mm. Jam-tastic piece of crap. I refuse to sell it off because I don't want someone else getting stuck with a cruddy mis-feeding gun.

I hated my WASR-10 for awhile until I just gave up and totally replaced the bolt & bolt carrier assembly with a Romanian surplus one for 35 bucks from Tapco and I took out my dremel and cut the rear tang off the disconnecter and polished the FCG to eliminate trigger slap entirely.

It is a totally different gun now. Not a single hiccup, jam, fte etc. Before that, it would have FTE every 4 to 5 rounds.
My favorite is tie between my DSA SA58 and K31.

My least favorite is my Enfield 2A1, the thing wont feed correctly unless I press up on the magazine, also I think it has canted sights and it's grip angle just doesn't agree with me.
favorite is my NM garand history meets MOA accuracy as it goes bang X8 ping

least favorite is my marlin 25mn 22mag fairly accurate, not a bad rifle by any means, but it stays in the safe more than any other. not as cheap as a 22lr to shoot, actually costs me more than .223 due to the inability to reload the $8 per 50 rimfire cartridges, and next to nothing is made for it. A BBL and comfortable stock may breathe new life into it if they existed.
Favorite is a toss-up between my Hi-Point carbine (100% from day one) and my wife's Remington 141 in .35.

Least favorite is her Savage 99...Nothing wrong with it, but the barrel is way too long for my taste. It doesn't balance like I like, since I hold just forward of the magazine, where the balance point should be...

ReoIV, my experiences with the Hi-Point and the WASR have been totally the opposite of yours...It's amazing the range of experiences with the WASR, but I found something about the Hi-Point. If the action cross bolts are tightened all the way to the end of the threads, they sometimes squeeze the cover 'till it interferes with the free travel of the bolt, especially if you've changed to the ATI stock. I have to back mine off 1/4-1/2 turn. I plan to cut shims to seat in the female end of the Chicago bolts to allow bottoming the bolts without binding the bolt...
Favorite: Taurus 85. I just REALLY enjoy it, no real reason why.
Least Favorite: Mini-14. Even though it's a joy to shoot, I just can't stop it from rusting.
Favorite what?

My favorite rifle is my RRA CAR 15.

I don't really have a least favorite, just because I would not have bought it if I didn't like it.

My favorite rifle to shoot is my newly acquired M1 Garand.

My least favorite to shoot is my MN 91/30, but that is because the irons are off and I haven't bought a tool to fix them yet.

(Favorite to shoot notibles: MN M44, and CZ75SP01)
I have several favorites - each for a specific use. My least favorite is a damn wesson 1911 that I've had on consignment in a gun shop for 2 months and nobody's biting.:D
My favorite is probably my Marlin 336 30-30. My least favorite is my Bushmaster AR clone. Over-priced, souless clunker.
They're all my favorites!

I don't have the $ to burn on questionable firearms purchases....

each aquisition is carefully researched and each firearm does exactly what I bought it for.

Now if I had a Colt 1911 ;)

that might raise to favorite status.
most favorite for aesthetics: Win 52B Sporter, custom-built for my uncle in 1935, IIRC. All original with Lyman Peeps, ivory front dot.

most favorite for 1911s: New Kimber Stainless Target II, 10 mm. Flawless operation, 2" accurate at 50 yards.

Least favorite: two Llama .22LR blowback '1911s'--going to the auction house today.
Most favorite: A tie, either my 1943 Garand or my Springfield '03 (also the two most accurate - funny how that works)

Least favorite: Mosin-Nagant M-44 (A beast to work the bolt on with every type of ammo I've tried)
Favorite: RRA Entry Tactical

Least Favorite: Masterpiece Arms MPA30T-A

Don't get me wrong, the Masterpiece Arms is a high quality piece, it's just I can't seem to take the thing and fire it without breaking blood vessels in my trigger finger. It has earned my animosity due to this habit.
Man - that question is almost as bad as when one of my kids or grandkids asks if they're my favorite... :uhoh:

Thought about the question and just couldn't come up with an answer. :banghead:

19 guns - evenly divided between pistols, revolvers and rifles with a couple of shotguns tossed in for good measure.

All different and all my favorites... Each has a use and each gets used. :)

Now if you asked which gets used the least well that'd be my Stoeger SxS Coach Gun, Saiga Rifle 7.62X39, CZ-75B 9mm and Ruger Vaquero .45LC. But just because I don't shoot 'em much doesn't mean I don't like 'em or even consider 'em my least favorite.
Moust: Voere Mauser 22-250 heavy barrel and tight chamber. Least: BRNO .22Hornet One shot breik down model 110.
Favortie? Probably my Kimber Tactical Custom II because it pretty much goes wereever I go.

Least favorite? I'm gonna cheese out on this one and say my HK USP .40 is my least favorite because it's not technically mine.
My favorite rifle: Armalite M15
Least favorite rifle: WASR 10

Even though my WASR has functioned nearly flawlessly and I certainly enjoy sooting it, I only have the two rifles at the moment.

Favorite handgun: Sig P229 (.40 S&W)
Least favorite handgun: Again, don't really have one, but if I had to choose, Taurus 605 (.357)
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