What is the single stupidest thing you have done with a gun

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Made the mistake one night of racking a round out of a loaded 92F, ejecting the magazine, and then dry firing the gun. Or so I thought....

Knew a guy who watched Sniper with his AR, took aim when the cross hairs came up on the screen, you can imagine what happened next.
When an invincible punk teenager ... Shooting the fire off of each other's cigarettes with .22s (mostly rifles)... done right after sundown so you could see the glow ... usually after a beer or two ... good thing we were all good shots (or maybe not since Darwin was thwarted).
We did wear safety glasses except for one guy who wore real glasses.

There's nothing quite like an explosion of sparks in front of your face and knowing what it was caused by ... beautiful, exhilarating and (now) unbelievably stoooooooooooopid !
I was modifying some poorly functioning magazines for my Ruger Mini-30 and didn't have any dummy rounds or snap caps... so I slapped the safety on and loaded up.

After cycling about 50 rounds through different magazines (in the firearm--loaded and full battery), I realized "Holy crap! I'm holding a loaded gun without the intent to fire it!" I promptly cleared it, checked it, checked it again, and set it on the bed. I stared at it for awhile, trying to think why I did what I had done and couldn't think of a single reason. It scared me that I was so lackadaisical about safety.

Luckily I caught myself before something bad happened. I bought snap caps in all my calibers that night. That's the closest I hope I ever come to a ND.
When I was 16 or so I climbed over a barbed wire fence holding my loaded 20ga & it went off. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.
Once at a friends of mines hunting farm we were having a little trigger time and I pulled out my beretta 1201fp and was firing it one handed at some milk jugs at about 10 paces. (very cool) Now I am a pretty fair sized lad if I do say so myself so I can handle some recoil. My friend, who is prolly about 105 pound soaking wet but is deadly with his beretta, wanted to try the movie crap I was doing.

hes the only person ive ever seen juggle a 12ga. I should have known. at least he didnt drop it. :banghead:
my poor judgemt.
Sometimes when shooting alone, 5 shot groups at paper, I'll take my ear muffs off between groups. Let the barrel cool a bit and then take another 5 shots. Ouuuuuuch!! Forgot to put the muffs back on. :mad:

But mostly selling or trading some nice handguns a long time ago. Live and learn.

I liked the story of shooting the tv with the shotgun. I wonder what show was on?
I sent a compensated two-toned 1911 to a gunsmith in Sacramento, CA. He is supposedly a very well-known HK pistol guru and used to shoot for them. Some folks say he can tune and trigger-job an HK better than any other smith, and supposedly his 1911 work is good, but for my time and money, he's the plague. What I wanted was a trigger job, restored trigger guard (from the old hooked style), and as an afterthought,a second, bull barrel to function interchangebly with the 'compensated' setup.

What I got was what he wanted--a fully parkerized, 5" run-of-the-mill .45. The trigger guard was restored, the trigger job was done, and I had a bull-barrelled gun, but he butchered the slide so the compensated barrel doesn't work anymore. In fact, the bull-barrell setup doesn'tw work without a sleeve between the slide and the dust cover that is required to allow proper functioning of the recoil plug and spring; he parkerized the entire gun instead of hard-chroming the frame (back to original), and replaced the grip safety with a model he preferred, and took 14 months to deliver what he said would be a 3-4 month job.

I was lucky to get it back at all; I've since loaned it to a friend, but if I don't ever get it back, it's no big deal--there's certainly nothing unique about it anymore. Wilson Combat does better work, and I've got a couple of those. That gun is a monument to "the stupidest thing I've ever done with a gun"--I sent it to that "gunsmith".
Got an invite to a private range that was 45 minutes away. Loaded my new range bag with 3 pistols that had trigger locks installed. Then secured the range bag with a lock.

Jumped in the car and headed to the range. Finally got to the range after an hours drive (traffic) just to find out that I left the keys to the trigger locks and range bag at home.

No bolt cutters available, so I seriously considered cutting my range bag open and taking a screwdriver to the trigger locks. Thought better of it and had a really really depressing ride home.
Last year I picked up a like-new Winchester 94AE.

After handling it my wife said "I like this. I think I'll keep it".

We argued back and forth for a minute but just to appease her I said "Fine. Its yours" thinking it her interest would pass.

Now she has my Kimber AND my 94.:banghead:

Oh well. All the more reason to go get my own, right?:p
I broke a basically new .22 pistol taking it apart to clean it.It didn't want to come apart....but it did.:uhoh:
Reassembled my P226 on the range without first replacing the takedown lever, sending the slide forward about ten feet after hitting the slide release.

Mighty embarrassing.
took my bedroom window out with a Daisy BB gun and then later in life sold a 686, MkII, Mossy 500 and 10/22 baecasue I needed the cash (I should have sold a kidney instead)
I used an ASSAULT WEAPON to type a message on a keyboard to a gun site where I just....KNOW....no antis lurk, to tell how DANGEROUS I am with a gun.

Dumbest FA move

Lots of minor ones, trades sales and such. The thing that impressed me the most, I was about 13 and traded a red ryder for a Marlin bolt action repeater. Was out in the woods in South Jersey (yes in the 60's you could go out in the woods and shoot unsupervised in NJ) and hung a playing card on a cluster of 16 penny nails someone hammered into a pine tree. So I'm having a ball tearing up this card and had a high shot. The bullet made a 180, came straight back and got me in the upper arm. Hurt like hell and left quite a bruise. Could've put an eye out. Joe
oh yeah, I traded two rifles for a handgun I thought was worth more than it was at a recent gunshow. Later I got an E mail from a local gun dealer(pawn shop) with the exact same rifle for almost three times the price I had estimated my two at. Then to add insult to injury the handgun jams after one shot ,it wont extract. Then I contact the guy, all I want is a working handgun and even with my reciept he "doesnt remember the trade". I wont go into details because of embarresment but I traded almost a $1000 dollars in rifles for a $300 handgun that doesnt work yet.Live and learn.:banghead: do i win?
The stupidest thing i've done with a gun was shooting a delta elite with out hearing protection, then i went and sold it:cuss: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :fire:
Ugh, I have two.

Went shooting with some buddies. Last mag out of my AK I bump fired it, finished the mag and put it in the car. Didn't bother to release the mag or clear the weapon. We got home and I pulled the bolt back, it looked like there was a round in it, so I got closer and pulled the bolt all the way back. The round ejected with enough force to give me a black eye. There were five left in the mag.

The second is more embarassing.

I was 12 years old, watching Ducktales after school. Parents are at work and I'm playing with my Red Rider BB gun. I've dry fired it at the tv about 20 times, then the last bb in the gun makes its way out the barrel right into the center of my dad's new big screen. So I put the gun away and call my Mom. I tell her that it made a big popping sound and just happened. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. its been another 12 years and it still hurts to sit down.
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