What is your local law enforcement standard issue sidearm?

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PD gets Glock 22 or 23 depending on fit, SO gets a certain amount of money from the county to buy a weapon that meets certain criteria. If a deputy wants a nice, expensive, decked out weapon he/she has to cover the difference in the purchase price, pay for practice ammo if the weapon is not a 9mm or .40 cal and pay for biannual armorer certifications if the SO doesn't have an armorer for that particular brand on staff.

There are 5 or 6 who carry really nice 1911's. I know 1 of them carries a Wilson Combat Elite CQB with all the aftermarket trimmings and a Crimson Trace.
PD - Sig 226 .40
SO - G22 or G23 (deputy's preference) .40

If you're in SWAT for PD/SO, when you're on a SWAT call you can carry whichever sidearm you want to. Lots of guys have moved to 1911's.

Staties - G21SF .45, unless you've been there forever, in which case you predate the mandatory issue clause, and you can carry whatever you want.

The surrounding PD's carry all Glocks, all G21's, G22's, or G23's. I don't know of a nearby department that carries anything in 9mm.
I carry the G22. All my other agencies around me, are G22 (x4) the SO being the wierd duck with the Sig 226 in .40
Many State Police agencys have embraced the Glock .45 GAP. In my State its the G22. In our area, local Police have to choose the G17 or G19. After probation, they can choose from a list including 9mm/ .40/.45 Glocks, Sig DAK, XD and Baretta to name a few.
Many have S&W DAO such as 5946/6946 from the 1990s. These are the ones too lazy to upgrade. Many are happy with these S&W DAO pistols and see no reason to switch. Old timers still remain with grandfathered revolvers.
Redlands Police Department = Deputy choice to purchase & use from a list of approved handguns.
San Bernardino County Sherrif = Glock 17 (9x19mm) or Glock 21 (.45ACP), deputy choice between the two.
Riverside County Sherrif = Deputy choice to purchase & use from a list of approved handguns.
California Highway Patrol = S&W Model 4006TSW (.40S&W).
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department = Officer choice to purchase & use from a list of approved handguns.
Nevada Highway Patrol = SIG P229DAK (.40S&W).
Central PA here too, but we dont have a local police (not a bad thing :) ), so its the PSP, and their Glock 37's in .45GAP.
SIG P226 in .40 S&W. The RCMP carry the S&W 5946 I believe.....not complete sure though. Transit police carry the Glock 22.
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Our city police have the Glock 22 and the Sheriffs patrol has the SIg in .40 . I wish the city had Glock 21's . I hate the .40 too snappy for me .
My 22 is 13 yrs old now and I am getting a replacement for it next week . The G-22 with the tact rails so we can have lights attached . I still dont like the .40 cartridge but I am greatfull for a new gun . My nightsites are still visible .
G21 or a few selected firearms on our Directives allowed in .45 or .40. I carried a Wilson Combat CQB for about 3 years and am now selling it in the forums.
S&W M&P .40 recently replaced the S&W 4006

For some reason, almost all the law enforcement agencies here in Colorado pack S&Ws.
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