What's on your '10 shopping list?

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Oct 16, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Here is mine:

1) Either a CZ 52 or Yugo Tok. I really need another gun that shhot 7.62x25. It's my favor round now.

2) Sig P6. I can't believe I pass the chance to have one for $300. :chris: Hell, I already bought the 225 spring set for it.:43:

3) CZ 75 SA. I have a little doubt about this one. I don't really enjoy CZ75BD's trigger all that much. But really want another SA 9mm to go with my BHP. We'll see.

4) Don't know much about long guns, have been pistol man for years. But now I'm sighting my first rifle, either a PPHS-41 (I'm still on the Tok heat) or AK-74.

5) Reserve a slot for Glock 4th gen.

6) Reserve a slot for 1911.
Remington 700 Tactical in .308 and a decent Mil Dot scope w/good mounts and rings.
Lasermax guide rod and Trijicon night sights for my G19
Possibly an ACOG for my M4.
Mags, a new single point sling, and other goodies for my M4 as well.

I'm pretty much set with pistols.
Very little as I have just about everything that I want.

I'd like an STI LS9, a Walther PP, and a Smith 4506 with adjustable sights. A Python and a P88 would be nice, but I don't see it happening.
not a ton. mossberg 500 or rem 870, a .17 hmr, maybe another .22 like a smith 15-22, a sub2k if i can get my hands on one... we'll see what kind of deals come along...
#1: Kel-Tec RFB

#2: Remington model 12C

#3: S&W Model 29 pre lock

#4: Cimarron 12 ga. coach gun

#5: Remington rolling block .45-70

#6: Uberti Cattleman .44-40 in fire blue and color case hardened finish

#7: Colt WWI repro M1911

#8: S&W Schofield

#9: Remington model 8 (.25, .30, .32, .35......don't care)

#10: 10.4mm Vetterli-Vitali

I know, it's a bit eclectic. But about the only thing I'm not into is the tactical craze. The RFB is just plain neat, though.
.357 Vaquero
1911 TBA
.22/45 pistol

This is the wishlist the actual buying list will probably only be 2 or 3 of them.
1. Commander sized 1911 if one can be found around 500 bucks
2. Mossberg 500 20 inch barrel 8 shot tube
3. Cheap AK-47
4. Remington 597 VTR
5. Ruger SP101
6. Cheap 308 ammo
7. Cheap 223 ammo
8. Reloading supplies
9. Casting supplies
10. Nice AR style rifle case
Most of my purchases are random...but I do have a few that I want.

1) Glock 26
2) Colt Delta 10mm
3) another 1911...
4) .44 Magnum of some sort...
A 1911. I've been doing a lot of research and I think I've narrowed it down to either a Dan Wesson or a Colt. Decisions, decisions, decisions.....
A Kona Ute cargo bike. I know, it's not a gun, but at this point it has to be something really interesting for me as far as guns go to get excited about buying anything. My gun purchases have been slim, to say the least, this year.

I'd like an STI LS9

I looked at one of these earlier in the year and asked about it here. A guy signed-up here on the forum just to let me know that his was horrible. He said that he bought his because STI makes such fine pistols, but this didn't seem to be one of them.
Sig P226 and a Ruger Mark III Hunter. Id like to get a Tokarev too, but its not high on my list of priorities at the moment.

For rifles Im planning on a Tikka T3 in 6.5x55, a Lee-Enfield No. 4, and a CMP Garand.
1) AR15 - Smith & Wesson M&P 15 or Bushmaster XM15 A3

2) CCW - Ruger LCP 380 or Kahr PM9/40 or Kahr MK9/40 or Walther PPS or Beretta CX4 Storm
Since you have this posted in the autoloading pistol forum, i'll limit my wishlist to them.

1. 3" 1911. Either Colt New Agent or S&W Pro Compact
2. OD Glock 19
3. Combat Commander in 38Super
4. S&W M&P40 or Springfield Armory XD40
5. Glock 26
6. Ruger MKII or Browning Buckmark
7. AMT Auto-Mag 22WMR
8. Makarov
9. CZ 75SA

That's about all I can come up with off the top of my head. I'll be doing good to get about half way through the list considering it doesn't include rifles, shotguns, or revolvers.
A Kona Ute cargo bike. I know, it's not a gun, but at this point it has to be something really interesting for me as far as guns go to get excited about buying anything.

Well, if we're talking about things besides guns, then I want this:
I'm really wanting to jump on the 1911 bandwagon with a DW Heritage.

I keep thinking about getting a few mosin-nagants....their so cheap right now.

I want but haven't been looking too seriously for a used 9mm for a truck gun.

I'm sure I will buy another .22..........I love to plink and not ashamed to admit it.
Im getting the 1911 itch again. Probably a Commander length in 9mm or 38 Super.

Always on the lookout for a CZ-75 Pre B model for a fair price.

A 3" K Frame.

22 Pistol of some variety, have not decided yet.

20 gauge semi auto of older vintage.

Pre Lock airweight.
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