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Mar 1, 2009
well I recently got a new job working the counter at a fast food restaurant(yes my own personal hell). I needed work for a month and didn't want to take a good job that I am going to quit so soon(alright enough justifying why and on with the topic).

It is not against any policy that they have informed me of verbally or in writing for me to continue to carry while at work. It is a confined space in some areas and I feel it is only a matter of time until someone puts their hands on me and asks what is that? I carry in the small of the back since at work I have to have my shirt tucked in. I know this slows down my draw time, but I rather have a slow draw time rather than no draw time if the occasion arises.

I am not interested in your opinion if I should carry at work or not, or suggestions to carry someplace else because that is the only place I can carry my mini cougar(ankle carry is not happening with that!:D).

If (or when) a coworker finally bumps into/touches my sidearm what should I tell them it is? I've been thinking up excuses, but figured you all could have fun with this as well.
insulin pump, cell phone, pager, colostomy bag, a back brace, or hockey pads.
as long as when asked you don't turn red, get embarassed, or stumble over your words, people will believe whatever you tell them.
the more rediculous the better.
if its something that may make the inquirer uncomfortable, like a colostomy bag, the less likely they are to pursue further questioning.
I doubt many people that work at a fast food restraunt know what a colostomy bag is. I'd go for a slim .32 or .380 in a pocket holster instead.

cellphone, pager and PDA are all non options since it's a fast food they do not trust us to have any of these items on our person.

I like Zunds response the best :D

but I think I am going to go with back brace.
Get a pancake holster, in 7 years I have not been made even once...
N once after telling a friend I was packing a full sized HK USP I had to show them to prove it....
sheldon j, what kind of pancake holster do you use for concealment?

I always thought they were great for convenience, but not so hot for concealment. Always feel like they're sticking off my side like a brick, not hiding nicely under shirts like IWB.
If you only plan on being there a month, then getting canned over the CCW may be a good exit strategy. Actually, I would look into pocket carry. Depending on what pants you wear, even modifying the pocket to accomodate a nemesis holster could be a good solution.
If you go with back brace (which I like the best) be prepared for them to ask what happened. Just have something ready... scoliosis, old football injury, pulled a muscle helping my cousin move, etc.
Somebody bumps you, yell "Ow! The pain, the pain!" and pretend to fall down. Demand a worker's compensation form from your supervisor. Say you don't want to go home, but it hurts so bad. You'll see a doctor after your shift, and maybe call the lawyer who advertises on late night TV. Ask your supervisor's advice.

I guarantee no one will be allowed to bump you again, and everyone will forget about your weapon.

Alternatively, you could crotch carry. Any bumping there and it's either happy time or fighting time, and you can always explain it away as "I'm just happy to see you."
Im gonna suggest a smart carry.

Aint no woman or man brassy enough to bump into you from the front.

If they did... they aint staying long. Just hang a fat reciept pad out one of the pockets or at least the belt.

It's better to have it up front than on the bum. Some folks ive seen pinch or slap back there and they find out right quick usually with three words... OMG A GUN.
i have a gut (wife cooks well, cant be me being lazy) these days, so i carry in the small of the back with iwb holster and think i am printing somtimes but have NOT had anyone say a word but only carrying for 3 or 4 months
hahahahahaha :D

I mainly posted this cause i knew of all the colourful responses I would get.

I do wear a hat and while mounting a gun to my head has been a life long goal of mine, I do not see it as a concealment opportunity.

I wear either jeans or khakis, a tucked in T-shirt and an apron. I am considering just rotating my rig around and seeing how that works. I could leave my shirt untucked in the front under my apron for easier access as well.
I've found the insulin pump to be the best excuse...for some reason, people get all embarrassed if they think you have diabetes (no idea why). Back braces tend to be pretty low-profile...not hard and boxy, which is why the pump always seems like the best option. Up to you, though.
What sized weapon? Ankle carry?

I've used colostomy bag one or twice. Always ends the conversation quickly. I like the insulin pump idea. Never thought of that.

Or the good old "Unwelcome touches!!!" at the top of your voice. Followed by a sexual harassment charge.

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