What's that?

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like I said I am only going to be there a little while, so I figure maybe I should let someone "accidentally" bump into it near the end and if it is an issue then I have my excuse for leaving. On the other hand if they are cool with it, it might make ditch the job harder cause then I'd like them :D
snorky18 said:
sheldon j, what kind of pancake holster do you use for concealment?

I always thought they were great for convenience, but not so hot for concealment. Always feel like they're sticking off my side like a brick, not hiding nicely under shirts like IWB.

Dillon N it has held up now for over 8 years of daily use...

Tell them it's a cu-pb dispenser. If they continue to question tell them that it's required for your survival, but it could be hazardous to their health.

Periodic table:
cu- copper
+1 Wastemore, I'm so gonna steal that line. "Copper-coated candy dispenser" would be good too.
In all seriousness, many years ago some lady bumped into my gun at Walmart, she apologized for bumping into my "cell phone".

People RARELY think "gun" ... even when they see one.
they might think gun about me cause I was excited about the job, not because it was a low paid fast food gig, but cause there is a gunshop in the same plaza that I didn't know about. I may have mentioned my happiness about this once or twice :D

,plus they all know I am a vet....
I'd say, "TENS unit for back pain. Being on my feet all day kills my back." I'm wearing one right now and the "box" is about the size of a PPK though I have it on my hip opposite the XD45C.... :D
Pocket carry will work.

Appendix or front crossdraw should also.

I won't work anyplace that actually enforces no cell phones. IMO that is BASIC emergency equipment! Along with flashlight, knife, trauma kit, & CCW.
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