Whats The Better Rifle? The...

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...can you hit a coke can at 75 yards with open sight with a 22LR?


Matt-J2 said:
You have a lot of questions to answer before we can answer the question you asked.

That's right.

Your question is akin to asking the better of Ford and Chevy. I have no problem telling you that I'd pick Chevy and advise you as much. But that doesn't make it necessarily so. Just makes it so for me.

It still sounds to me like you have to study up on these rifles. Just because you can shoot doesn't mean you know it all. Otherwise you wouldn't have asked, eh? Take some time and study on these and you'll buy something you're happy with. Listen to the advice, but ultimately it's your own opinion you want to reinforce. During my teen years I learned the hard way that what others like isn't always what you'll like.

But hey, if you don't wanna take the time... just buy the Remington. Most of the responses seem to point you that way anyway.

And if you buy a truck, buy a Silverado. ;)

I sell some of those mossbergs....they work and have a really good pricetag that sells them. It's one of the few rifles so bad even the magazine reviewers have panned them. That said I have some customers that have "good ones" that seem to work fine. I've heard of stuff breaking on them but have not had a service issues with any of the ones we have sold. They are pretty light and for the money I guess you can't say it isn't the best scoped rifle pkg. $299 can buy. (I don't know what they go for right now but the last ones we sold ran about that)

That said I don't think anyone is going to say the remington 700 even in it's cheapest form isn't twice the rifle quallity wise. The action is worth rebarreling down the road if you want something different...the mossberg you sell cheap or throw away when it brakes or you want to upgrade. The mossberg is a good "rainy day/loaner gun" I'd call a good remington 700 an everyday gun...and in the case of a 700 BDL an American classic. Nobody is going to mistake a mossberg for a classic...it actually makes a Savage 110 look very pretty.

Bottom line is I'd buy a good used rifle at a local gunshop with a good reputation before I bought a disposable grade beater. Do some searches fopr reviews on the mossberg...it aint pretty.

PS- I also agree on the truck issue....Silverado Z71 4x4 quadcab flareside fully loaded and it also must have a Browning window decal centrally located in the rear window (Alabama state law-LOL) I love that ole' gal (98' model still going strong) Has always got me there and back...if somewhat covered in AL. mud afterwards. If you drive a Ford buy the mossberg! ;)
As the Mossberg has the same barrel mounting as the Savage, I cannot see how it would be inherently less accurate than the Remington. The Mossberg 100ATR is an amalgamation of designs. The action is essentially the Howa 1500 with a tubular receiver using the Savage-style barrel nut (that lacks the engagement lugs of the Savage, so changing out barrels isn't as easy). Nothing about the design that makes it less accurate. I would wager the ATR is the equal to the bottom-line Remington.

However, the Remington will indeed have more upgrade options. Finish and fit are basically the same in the bottom-line rifles. However, the Mossberg is considerably cheaper. Therefore, you can get a Mossberg and use the money saved towards buying better glass. As a result, for, say, $500 you can have a better shooting platform with the Mossberg than the Remington.

I don't have the Mossy but I do have the Remmy 700 22-250 and it shoots great. Got it for $450. How much you willing to spend again?
If a fellas measure of rifle accuracy is a pop can at 75 yards then I don't think it really matters what presently on the market new rifle he buys. Any should do just fine, pick the one that you like the looks or feel of best.
Ricky, you've gotten plenty of good advice here, but you seem too busy trying to prove your manhood to listen to it. My advice is to go with the Remington. It has a long track record of success. It also has several different models to choose from. One of those models is bound to fit your needs. That said, I've got nothing against Mossberg. I own a couple of Mossberg shotguns and have yet to experience a problem.

Perhaps you stop thumping your chest long enough to digest the advice that you asked for. You'll find that most people on this board are helpful and polite. No need to challenge another member with a childish rant. I believe you'll find many members who could keep a coke can spinning and rolling out to 100 yards with an iron sighted 22.

No disrepect intended, but it would serve you well to respect your fellow members. You asked an open-ended question and you got open ended responses. No need to get cranky about that. Just ask more specific questions.

By the way, you Chevy guys are nuts... Nissan Titan is the only way to go.
If I had to venture a guess it would be that Ricky is just a little kid (not meant to be an insult). His posting style clearly indicates it.
He mentions in another thread that he's 15... which would probably explain the apparent over enthusiasm, curt demeanor, etc, etc... But to throw a wrench in the mix, I love my Savage (w/ accutrigger) it's affordable and suits both my hunting and paper punching needs. :D
:rolleyes:Wow! Nice guy and great attitude.:rolleyes:

Well "ricky"... I would suggest that you learn the great life lesson of:

"You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar".
Hey - Rick - you've got the advice. The mossberg will work, the Remington is better, go buy your rifle and stop taking offense at everything said here.
People with really short tempers and bad attitudes must be very careful with a loaded rifle in their hands.

If I ever ask a question on this Forum, I would be very pleased to get 2 pages of replies in such a short time period. I would be thanking you guys profusely.
Ricky, just remember that being young is not an excuse for being rude and ill-tempered. You are the future of RKBA in this country. Conduct yourself accordingly.

And honestly, go with the Remington. Not putting down the Mossberg at all, but why not go with a company with Remington's track record?
Any chance I could just get what I ask for?
You did. You just didn't take the time to see that you'd been given the help you sought, didn't think long enough to understand the nuances of the answers that people took the time to type on your behalf, nor remember your manners enough to be kind to those who tried to help you.

You asked a question; have the manners to try to understand the answers before you crap all over the folks trying to be nice to ya.
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What the F*** dose that mean???


WHAT ????

I just need to know whats the better all round gun Hunting+target


But all I ask for was some info on the 2 gun brands-modle and look what I get all over me

Gee, with responses like that, I can't imagine why no one wants to answer your questions... :scrutiny::uhoh:

Here's a hint...if everyone in the band is out of step except for you...examine your own cadence.
Ricky, my advice is:

1) GROW-UP first!
2) Try both if possible then make your own decision as to which feels the best to you.
3) If not possible to try both, the Rem. is the best of the two.
simply because Remington mentions the word "tactical" so many times on their 700 website that it's actually sickening.

While I agree that tactical is possibly the most over-used word in the industry right now, could it be that you are seeing the word because you logged into their "TACTICAL" rifle section? Possibly?

Try their Model 700 section. Although they mention hunting and target shooting quite a few times...

Ask your mommy to get you the Remington. Also consider spending less time shooting and more time studying spelling. Sorry to be so rude, but you asked for it.
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