What's your favorite top-break revolver?

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The Schofield (Wells Fargo model) in .45 Colt.


Day #1

I walked into my local gun shop yesterday and one of my friends there handed me a like new 5" Schofield revolver (Wells Fargo model) in .45 Colt and my heart started going thumpity thump thump and I thought I might just pass out. Luckily they had a chair nearby so I sat down and just admired it for a while untill they saw the color leaving my face and rescued me. Now isn't that just silly, but I just couldn't help it. Oh my and I'm broke.

Day #2

Lord help me, I succumbed to the itch! I took my calipers and micrometers with me to check out the specs and they were perfect for .45 Long Colt. (I've got a case of ammo for it) The barrel muzzle was .453" and the cylinders were a uniform .454" and that did it for me plus they offered and extended lay-away and accepted what I had with me for the down payment. I just couldn't turn it down. I thought it was a consignment gun but I got the tag colors mixed up in my mind and discovered it was a shop owned gun so I went for it. Now it may be spring before I can pick it up but hey, it's mine baby. Now I'll have to start looking for a period holster for it, maybe a cross draw and then a Phil Spangenberger hat (I've already got the beard) ect. ect. WOW! What a Christmas present even if I bought it for myself. WOW!

Merry Christmas all.

10mm, when you care enough to send the very best.
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