Where is Cen-Dex ??

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I would like to know as well... I was just looking for some more holsters.

Frank did pretty good work, I've got 3 of his holsters now.
The last that I heard of Frank, he was working over in Iraq. Too bad for us that
liked his holsters and excellent customer service. Probably good for him as he can make alot of money over there. I wish him and family the best of luck.
Concerning the missing Cen-Dex web site, I contacted Franks wife last year and she informed me that Frank is in the Middle East as part of his National Guard Unit. Let's keep Frank and his wife in our prayers.
I had an unusual gun I wanted Kydex for and Frank managed to locate one near him and make me a holster for it.....pretty good service I thought.

Dave Williams
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