Where to buy Smartcarry?

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Jul 8, 2003
Hi guys!

I am thinking of buying smartcarry ... but the website says they won´t take my credit card for it being international... do you guys know a place where I can buy a smartcarry holster (I am a size 32) and pay for it with my credit card and get it shipped to Peru?

Thanks in advance

Last ime I checked, you could still get them on eBay (try Smart Carry and Invisible Holster).

Or Google it, somebody else sells them. There is a vendor at our local gun shows who sells them. I'm sure there are others.
You can order it directly from Smartcarry at http://www.smartcarry.com/

If you tell them you heard about it on Tom Gresham's Guntalk you can get a discount. Afterward you really should listen to Tom's show if you haven't before.
Thanks for your replys.... I contacted Smartcarry and they say they don't make any exceptions to the Credit Card rule... so I guess I'm going with Thunderwear... it just seems easier...

I bought the thunderwear a while back. At first, I wasn't impressed. I mean, it's just a cloth pouch with velcro on it for sixty bucks. However, it works quite well even with stuff in the past I've considered IWB only like the SP101 or even my 3" Taurus M66. It doesn't allow sweat to get to the gun, a good thing in south Texas, and protects and hides the gun very well. I am much more impressed with it after having used it for several months.
FWIW, when I bought mine, I called smartcarry; they asked what gun it was for - apparently they made them for different size guns. Don't know if they still do. The guy I spoke to wanted to make sure I bought one that fit the gun adequately.

The guy on the phone suggested getting one slightly oversized and if the gun has a short barrel, use a safety pin to shorten the pocket.
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