Which CMP Grade Garand?

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I'm going to the South store in 3 weeks, I plan on picking out a field grade myself. I figure if I pick it myself a field grade will do me just fine. Anyone else think they might be over that way on the 20th? We could meet at 0800 and go gage some Garands!
Hi guys,
What are the prices now for the grades. I have some itchy for a good Garand, eventhoug a M-14 was first on list to get.

Thank you for all the help.

If I go to Alabama, I'll hand pick a Service grade. If I order it, I'll go for the CMP Special grade. (Unless I can get a couple of people to share travel expenses, it just makes more sense to order the Special grade and be CERTAIN it will be really nice.)

I like the idea behind the CMP but the do make you jump through some hoops before you buy your rifle from them. Although it's not too bad.

Wouldn't it be awesome if they could figure out away to GIVE those rifles to us. Maybe
make it part of the Homeland Security Act or something. Personally, I would feel safer against an invasion if everyone had a rifle to fight the enemy. Since the liberals like to use Europe as an example all the time, maybe we can use the Swiss for this argument.

First M1 Rifle? Get the highest rated, Correct Grade, if you have the budget for it.
Second and on depending on your budget and abilities the grade that you can afford the most of.
They received my order on July 5th, and it was delivered to my door on July 22nd. I thought that was pretty quick. Mine is a H&R Service Grade, barrel dated July 54. The muzzle and throat were a gauged a 1 and a 2 respectively. Metal looks almost new, the stock was kind of banged up. I steamed out some of the dents and I'm about to apply the fourth coat of linseed oil, buffing with bronze wool between each. It looks a lot better. Garand match coming up on Sunday.
Not to take over this post or anything but will CMP give you a tracking number if you order one from them?

Absolutely. IIRC I've always been able to get a tracking number on anything I've ordered from them (a rifle, a bayonet, and several cans of ammo).
I don't know if this has been covered. Can you go to the North or South Stores? You can then pick out your own rifle. As far as the grades, I have had field grades, service grades and one special service grade ($895, there is a difference). I have found field grades at the store that had very low readings on the barrels. I have found service grades that are just as good, but with better finish. My Winchester service grade is amazing. I will be posting picks today sometime. The special service I purchased was correct except for the stock. I swapped the stock and have a correct rifle. I will try and pick up another one before they are gone. I don't think the rifle was ever fired. All of my rifles have the original finish. The Winchester has green gray park and has a lead dipped heal with lock bar sights. I bought it from the North Store that way.

If you can go to the store, I might try and find a field that is in good shape. I have gotten a Winchester and an IHC stock in the field grade rifles. If not, the bare minimum I would look at is a service grade. You can find some really nice field grades, but I wouldn't want to gamble with not getting a nice one through the mail. Anyway you slice it, I think you will be happy. These rifles are the nicest anyone has seen in years. This latest batch were reported to be held in storage by the Greek Airforce.

Depending, I might look at the H & R's due to the fact that there were fewer made. Some guys try and order through the mail hoping for a WWII Springfield and end up getting a post war. If you are dead set on getting a WWII, the only guaranteed methods are picking one out at the stores or ordering a Winchester.
Service Grade Rifles NOT AVAILABLE For Ordering

Service Grade CMP M1 Garands and currently NOT available to order. According to the CMP, the latest crates of rifles processed did not have enough rifles that graded high enough to permit listing them for sale online. Any Service Grade rifles they have will ONLY be available for purchase in the stores at Anniston and Camp Perry for the time being, until they have enough stock built up to offer them for sale via mail order again.
Right now, the only M1 Garands available for mail order are Field Grade, or Special Grade or higher.
I mail ordered two Garands at different times. Both Service Grade. On SA and the other HRA. Don't think I could have done better if I had driven up to Anniston. I figure I didn't have to spend a night in a motel, at least 4 feeding times and a tank and a half of diesel. 40 bucks shipping and the rifles came right to my front door. Maybe I was lucky but at any rate could not be more pleased. If for some reason I do get up in the North AL area I'll definitely go to the S. Store but a special trip for that reason alone won't happpen.
There are other options than CMP. There are a few well known gunsmiths that specialize in rebuilt Garands. Of course you well pay more for one of these rifles, but you get a new barrel, stock, fresh park job and inspected parts, even a warranty.

I was fortunate to find a Garandguy Kreiger barreled rifle for a very good price. There are some very good buys on the used market these days. I had been looking for six months or more. Looked at a lot of cmp stuff guys were reselling at high prices, finally found this for a cmp price.

I was at CMP N on the 4th & picked up a Special grade for 895............absolutely perfect metal....all proper codes....appears unfired, SA. CMP cartouched stock, but what the hell, its a really great rifle for a price that can't be beat. That rifle would have been at least a correct grade with a comparable stock.

Most of the field grades I saw were relatively rough....as were a lot of the service level rifles. The latter went fast first thing in the AM...If you are going I'd strongly suggest you get in line EARLY.

One thing that somewhat bothered me was that one fellow had about six rifles lined up while they were in the rack and was not letting anyone else look while he picked thru 'em....hell, he at LEAST could've taken several to the counter and had them held pending further shopping.

Did look very closely at an H&R with DOD markings that was tempting, but the better metal on the SA won out.

Kinda sorry I passed on a stockless Winchester lacking sights that was sittin' kinda lonely on the first rack.............would've made a nice build, but I DID have my wife along.............so!
My $495 Field Grade has worked perfectly after about 700 rounds (plus whatever was fired previously).

Interestingly I noticed the stock has a bunch of small, round divots. Turns out it's where the soldier would smack the clip against the wood to be sure the rounds are seated properly. I guess that's history, right?:p
The correct grades are very nice rifles with USGI wood guaranteed. However the service grades are also very nice and $500 cheaper. I would buy a service grade(but they're currently sold out if ordering by mail)then take the extra $500 and buy 5 cans of HXP on clips in 30 cal cans. At 192rds/can you'll need all 960 rds once you lightly clean and properly lube your new love.
I would rather have 2 srvice grades for the price of a correct grade.
I've been to both the north store and south stores and if you live close enough I would make the trip and hand pick one. You can even find a nice field grade for $495 at the stores that are within service grade specs.

Here's a few SA service grades I hand selected at the souh store in July. I tought I was crazy at the time because I went way over my limit but there were so many nice service grades there at the time I couldn't help myself. :what:
But now that they're temporarily sold out of service grades I'm glad I went crazy.

From top
5.87 SA ME=.5 TE=2
5.86 SA ME=.5 TE=2
5.85 SA ME=.5 TE=2
5.83 SA ME=0 TE=2
5.45 SA ME=.75 TE=2.5
2.05 SA ME=1 TE=2.5

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