Which Generation Glock and why ?

Which Generation Glock do you prefer ?

  • Gen 2

    Votes: 26 21.7%
  • Gen 3

    Votes: 50 41.7%
  • Gen 4

    Votes: 44 36.7%

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As much as I wanted to fall in love with Gen4 for the better grip and overall feel of the pistol, I stuck with Gen2. No finger grooves and the classic Glock look with no rail. I have a Gen2 17 and a 19 and think they're the best in Glock's line up and lineage.
And in turn, my gear is not selected by special operators.

Either way, silly to think that in the span of a couple weeks SIGS have been "demoted" and Glocks that have been around for 20+ years have suddenly gained a halo shine... all because of something the Navy did.

Now you're just being obtuse and completely missing the point. First off, as you well know, I wasn't suggesting anyone should get a G19 simply because the SEAL's are using them.
You (inaccurately and illogically) countered someone's post about the SEAL's adopting the G19 with a statement about "bean counters and politicians" choosing the weapon, which clearly implies the weapon is sub-par.
I responded that elite groups like the SEAL's are not saddled with the same budget-minded junk the regular military is, they're allowed to pick much of their gear, based on their needs, and their testing of that gear.
The fact that the SEALs (if true) are switching to the Glock is simply a testament to it's functionality, it doesn't mean the you, me and everybody must get one, or that it's ideal for us all.
Oh MIL-DOT, you beautiful, noble, land octopus.

Let's go back to Cooldill's post, the one to which I was replying:

The USN seal teams are going to start using Gen 3 G19s.

I think that should end the argument right there.

To call it "the end of the argument" was, to my understanding, to imply very clear and wide endorsement across most or all cases as to which generation was superior.

From there, all I said about bean counters and politicians was that they tend to be within arms reach where government is concerned. Not that they took any particular action, let alone being the sole source of the selection of a USN pistol for the SEALs (who, despite the sexiness of what they do, ostensibly still have budgets and supply chains).

My apologies for being inarticulate and leading you to misunderstand.

What's particularly silly is that all this SEAL business that began last month was traced to a single internet post. I don't make it my task to closely track such news, but AFAIK it's not been corroborated beyond that. Certainly not worth anyone getting in a huff over.
Ummm....everyone has a different size hand and an idea of what ergonomics work best for them. I couldn't care less what military, law enforcement or anyone else uses. It's about what handgun fits my hand the best. In the case of a Glock it's a Gen3. Needs to be the standard frame which is why I have a G20SF.

Needs to be the standard frame, so you have the Short Frame?
Gen 3.

I like the finger grooves and being able to mount a light. I don't have any issue with the gen 4's, but they are more expensive and I don't have an issue with the gen 3 grips. If they were the same price I'd probably not have a preference.
My reason is I get a better trigger in the Gen 3 and shoot them better. Really liked the feel of the Gen 4's but after having owned a few switched back to the Gen 3's
I voted Gen4 but it's not cut&dried. I like full size and compact frames in Gen4 but the subcompact G26/27 in Gen 3. I have a G19 Gen3 and G23 Gen4 and prefer the smaller grip Gen4 but I'm afraid to upgrade the G19 to a Gen4 when my Gen3 works so well.

It really depends on which feels better in your hand and which you trust. 9mm Gen3s in full size and compact frames may be more reliable while Gen4 is better for 40S&W in that size. In the subcompacts reliability should be similar since Gen3 and Gen4 both have the dual recoil spring.

If you don't like finger grooves, think Gen 2.
I'm not a Glock fan but for the sake of collecting I like the Gen 1 and 2. I hope to add a Glock 17 Gen 1 and if I could actually find one, a Gen 1 Glock 19.
I HATE the finger grooves. Hate them with a white-hot passion. I can't see buying one just to spend extra to grind them off, thereby ruining the resale value. I don't see me ever buying a new Glock again unless they offer the old frame shape as an option again.

I have a 19 without the grooves and it better last forever...
Im not a big fan of the 19's, but I really dont miss those early ones I had, the ones with the mag rip cutout in the front strap. My pinkie rested right on that cutout, and used to drive me nuts. The new ones are much better, but still arent the best, and my hand still feels cramped with them.

I still much prefer the 17's and 26's to them.
I only have experience with gen4's and gen3's. I like them both, but I probably like the gen3 a little bit more because the finish and the lack of the backstrap gap looks better to me. Otherwise I love them both equally.
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