Which HD Shotgun?

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Not a fan of the 870, and that's having had one in the patrol car every night for 6 years. Now that I'm on the range staff I can take whatever I want out of the armory and it's a Mossberg every time. 870's aren't bad shotguns, but I think the tang mounted safety on the mossberg is a better option, and we have FAR less issues in keeping the Mossbergs running.

I'd also recommend going with a quality reduced recoil loading, and check how it's pattern. For reference here's some testing we did at work:

Particularly out of non-NFA length barrel if you're using quality shells, 5 yards ought to be one hole, and 10 ought to be real close to one hole. Check out the Hornady Reduced Recoil, and the Federal Tactical patterns for an idea of how tight modern loads can pattern for SD/HD.

I own a Mossberg 500 Persuader. It's a 20" Riot style with an 8 red capacity.
I also own the Stevens 320 that I bought on a whim because it was on sale. Got it home and saw it was made in China. The front finer optic sight disappeared and the heat shield fell off the first range trip, but it has been reliable.
I would say buy the Maverick 88 for the better quality and aftermarket support.
IMO, whatever you choose really needs to have a quality light mounted to it. Yes, this will cost $ but realize that most bad things tend to happen in the dark, and target ID is critical to not only insure that you hit the target but also to insure you don't airhole the wrong person. So really even spending another $200 or more is cheap insurance.
I own both a Remington Express Tactical and Police Magnum. Both guns have functioned perfectly over a number of years.

I would recommend the OP go with either of the above or a good Mossberg 500 over the Maverick. Oh and I like the position of the safety on the Remingtons, had a Mossberg 500 and the plastic safety disintegrated. I got a small piece of aluminum, shaped and drilled it to fit.

The Mossberg 590 has a proper metal safety as I understand.
I Second the Quality flashlight and mount. Don't forget to test your set up to make sure that the light, AND the mount stand up to the recoil. Lights can fail, especially after receiving the shock, that is created by a 12 gauge. I have found several mounts I've tried decided to try, like to float under recoil, which is not what the doctor ordered. Buy it, test it, only then should you rely on it.
Were I you, I'd look for a second-hand Mossberg 500 Bantam (youth) in 20 gauge, with an 18-inch cylinder bore. It's a handy size and 20 gauge is plenty for HD. Oh ... right ... that's exactly what I did!
of the guns the op listed, i choose the maverick which i did, but sadly not at first. i first bought a pardner pump, but the barrel wasn't straight as it shot high and to the right, also i found out the ejector had to be installed by a gunsmith if it broke. the savage weld on the forend came loose and even tho savage fixed it i couldn't trust it. i went finally and got the maverick 88, i should have got this in the first place. the gun has hundreds of rounds thru it and not one malfuntion, it even shoots slugs great to 50yds and i'm about to put fire sights on it to go farther. mine is the field model but i got a mossberg 500 home defense barrel for $80 bucks on ebay. so now 9 months i have a home defense gun and 3 months its a great hunting gun and i have about $300 in everything. plus parts are easy to find and repair without a gunsmith, even the ejector.
I looked at those very three shotguns for a similar role in my home. My choice is the Maverick 88, for many of the reasons already mentioned. Accessories interchange well with the 88. Some parts swap well on the Pardner Pump with the Remington 870, and some parts need fitting. Stevens 320 has very little after market support compared to the other 2.
Another vote for the Maverick on the grounds that they all work but that the Maverick earns someone a job in the US. Once in hand, pattern with several different ammos you would like to use and settle on the one that gives you zero feed or eject issues and the most consistent patterns at point of aim. Suggest patterning at 5 yards and 10 yards with a bias to the best patterns at 5.

If people continue to buy cheapest new guns available in not too distant future they will all be made in Mexico, China, Turkey,...... The motivating factor behind production there is low cost which is driven by what customers want.
If was you I would save up another $100 and get a rem 870 tactical, many aftermarket parts available , easy to upgrade like a mag ext ?
but of the ones you listed I pick the Maverick,
here is a pic of the 870 tactical, I have one myself
View attachment 228310

I bought HD version called Defense or Home Defense at Dick's in mid 90s. There is nothing wrong with gun like that and it is made in USA.
Not many shotguns gun cycle those effectively rendering a pump useless or into a single shot.

There is a wonderful option in form of 2&1/4" shells loaded with SG shot. The ones with plastic disc closure (vs. "star crimp") are shorter. They work in my 870 magnum w/o any gun modification and as nice bonus are made in country which is member of EU not in Mexico. If you don't mind standard shells Midway USA is selling S&B 00 shells at $69.99 per 250 cartridges. Not sure what shipping cost are, but the price is less than Spanish stuff found at Walmart.
Of those I would choose the Maverick 88. But if it was me, I would save up a bit more and get at least a nice used 870. I am pretty sure that 98% of the country could find at least a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff in their house that they no longer use that they could sell if money was tight. Clean your closet out, throw the unused stuff on eBay, and now you can afford a better gun.
Hence why I recommended mini shells with an adapter.
Yeah but those minishells are 1200 fps in the buckshot load. That is a respectable load on any shotgun. They are mini because the hold 5/8 ounce of shot. #4 buckshot and this shotgun would probably be a devastating combination for close in work, home or truck.
Yeah but those minishells are 1200 fps in the buckshot load. That is a respectable load on any shotgun. They are mini because the hold 5/8 ounce of shot. #4 buckshot and this shotgun would probably be a devastating combination for close in work, home or truck.

Those Mexican minishells make zero sense. It looks like they're designed for break open weapon meaning you can get three shots at most assuming you're armed with Italian, Central European or Scottish three barrel shotgun.
The NSI 2&1/4" MiniBuck make sense because Remington with six shot magazine will take seven instead. The advantage is one does not need stupid adapter in order to use them in repeating shotgun. Although they have same ballistics and shot type and are less expensive to buy the Herter's short shells don't work to increase capacity by one because due to different crimping style they are longer when loaded than the NSI shells.
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