Who's using 85gr XTP in 7.62 Tok ?


Mar 21, 2020
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I've finally dusted off my components and dies to load some Tok rounds.

Because of the cone shape of the XTP 85gr bullets I had do some pondering to get a COL length to start with. There is ZERO possibility of loading them to the CIP length because of the flat nose.
Also the seating stem does not fit for jack and had some crookedness going on, so I'll probably get another and see about modifying it for a better fit.

So I inserted a cartridge with a bullet seated long, then pushed it into the chamber pushing the bullet into the case until the brass shoulder made contact. I then took that measurement and subtracted .015 (arbitrary number) and they plunk just fine. Hopefully they will feed and function, but I see no reason they won't.

So if anyone who is using Hornady XTP 85gr in 7.62 Tok and would care to share their OAL, I would be interested to hear what you ended up with.
If you are asking about reloading for 7.62x25, you may want to consider checking to see if you are using the appropriate caliber bullet. Hornady makes a 85 xtp pistol bullet, but it is for 32 caliber at .312 dia. They make a 90 gn xtp that is .309 dia. They used to make a .308 86 grin jrn soft point. While have not reloaded for 7.62x25 extensively, the Hornady 90 grain xtp and 86 jrn soft point work very well.
I am not asking about reloading in general, I asked a specific question. If my OP post is read it's hard to miss that I am presently using 85gr XTP and that is what the question was about.

I've also spent more time than I care to think researching and searching for suitable bullets for my barrel dimension. IMO no surplus Tok barrel should be shot without first casting the barrel and chamber, but that's me. Since Zastava can be a little rough sometimes, I'd be inclined to check even new production ones.

There are many bullets designed specifically for eastern Tok, but because of politics they are not allowed to be imported. Even Campro of Canada makes a .308 85gr fmjrn, but you guessed it not allowed.

PSA; There is one shining beacon of hope, Everglades has a heavy plated .312 85gr round nose flat point that looks entirely suitable for my needs and perhaps many others as well. The heavy plate should allow loads without neutering velocity, so can't wait for them to arrive.

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