Wife's First Deer!

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RetiredUSNChief: This buck was a young mule deer. Coues deer are even smaller. A Coues buck that dresses out at 75lbs is a very big buck. That 100lbs you referred to is a live weight. The average Coues buck dresses out closer to 50. I shot a small 3x3 Coues buck a few years back and I think I got like 40lbs of meat. They are great eating though, I prefer them to Mule deer.

I stand corrected! Thanks!
Congrats on a great deer

Anytime we can introduce a new hunter and they have a successful hunt, I count it a success to the sport and to our future. It is an added bonus to you that it is your wife. I recently have introduced my wife to the shooting sports using nothing but 22 rimfire rifles and handguns. She loves it. No need to have her shoot 44 magnums and howitzers of all sizes.

Simply choose to take the high road and ignore comments/posts of lesser educated individuals and enjoy what you have--a great new hunting partner.
1. A hunter's first deer is a trophy, pay no attention to the jack@$$es.
2. Meat on the ground is more important than antlers on the wall.
3. She kills it AND can turn it into sausage? If she can also brew beer, you need nothing else.
That is pure awesome, congratulations and thanks for sharing. My wife's first deer was a fat doe, taken the same night I killed a young 6 point. The look of pride and joy on her face when I walked up to her stand was absolutely priceless, much like your little lady's.

Don't they teach boys in TN to be quiet when men are telling stories?:rolleyes:
Nothing wrong with that young buck at all. I saw my first up close wild (not in a sanctuary) Elk coming down from the snow bowl in Flagstaff, it was taller than the hood on my raised Power Ram, glad I didn't hit it.

Congratulations to your wife and you for marrying her.
Nice job. Tell her congrats on behalf of us here. That'll eat real good you can believe that.

My wife's first deer was a button buck and you know what? If anyone doesn't like it, they can stick their thumb up their butt and climb it.
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