Will cutting a chrome lined rifle barrel result in chrome flaking off?

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Apr 6, 2007
I know that chrome lining isn't exactly like the chrome on a bumper, but
can it potentially flake off during or after the process of shortening a barrel?
Dont know why you would want to, theres always a possibility it may flake then peal off.
Ok, i will rephase that. Has anyone ever actually seen chrome lining flake off
of any gun bore? Being that its suppose to be 1 or 2 thousandths of an inch
thick and welded to the steel its hard to imagine that stuff flaking off.
I'm sure some of the well seasoned gun smiths that might see this thread
will have some input.
Saigas are down low in price that if you want to make your 20" a 16" the numbers probably work out to costing you maybe $100 out of pocket tops, much cheaper than both a gunsmith, or the work yourself and risk of damaging it.
Properly done, hard chrome won't chip or peel.
When cutting a barrel you should see no flaking.
I've had a chrome lined barrel cut and recrowned. After many rounds there have been no ill-effects.
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