Wis. passes "gun friendly" law

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Nov 4, 2007
Wausau, Wi.
Radar O'Reilly must have tricked our Governor into signing in a law that seriously curtails the State powers to snatch our guns in the event of a Katrina-type emergency.

MADISON -- Gov. Jim Doyle has signed a bill that prevents government officials from seizing people's guns in a crisis.

State law until now had granted the governor, the Wisconsin National Guard's commander and local officials broad emergency powers during an enemy attack or disaster.

The new law says they can't use those powers to restrict the possession, transfer, transport, storage or use of guns and ammunition.

Doyle has twice vetoed CCW bills here, so either someone is forging his signature, has poloroids of him wearing only waterwings with his secretary, or he's Customer #10 on the Hookers-Are-Us website. Whichever it is, Wisconsin residents won on this one.
Yes what a wonderful day..I truly believe however Gov Doyle knew this was a loser for him if he did the veto thing. He is not gun friendly, never will be. I wish we could get him to stop seizing our income or at least cut back a bit. He hates guns but damn does he loves taxes ( user fees etc.).
I applaud him for signing this bill, but knowing Doyle, it may be just his version of bread and circuses, his attempt to appease Wisconsinites who have been trying for years to get CCW, which he has been standing in the way of, or an attempt to distract everyone from the massive tax increases he and the Wis. Democrats are well known for.
There is still a castle doctrine type bill that is hanging around that no one in Wis. government seems to be interested in getting pushed through and also a bill (assembly bill 411) that is stuck in the judiciary and corrections commitee that would make recieving and keeping a stolen gun a felony instead of a misdemeanor, which it is now. This was a gun bill that would go after criminals instead of law abiding citizens. Senator Lena Taylor (Dem.)who is the chairman of that commitee, has refused to schedule a hearing for that bill, even though the bill was unanimously passed in the state assembly on a voice vote, and would most likely be passed if it ever reached the Senate floor. It is also supported by District Attorneys, Sherrifs and the N.R.A. It is people like Lena Taylor who will do whatever they can to support the criminals and, if given the opportunity, would work to pass anti-gun legislation to disarm the tax paying, law abiding citizens of Wisconsin.
Doyle knew that trying to kill this bill would hurt him in his 2010 re-election campaign, and hurt Democrats this November. If Doyle didn't want this bill, it would have never seen the light of day.

He'll brag to gun owners about this, and they'll believe him.

Meanwhile, bills with more substance--the Castle Doctrine bill, for example--got shunted off to Senator Lena Taylor's committee where everyone knew a vote would never be taken.

And another real pro-gun bill--the Youth Mentoring Act--passed easily in the Assembly, passed easily in Democrat Senator Bob Wirch's committee, but just didn't make it to the Senate floor in time for a vote. Now even the most anti-gun politicians can say they were for the Youth Mentoring Act, but it was really a shame that there wasn't time to schedule a vote (which there was).

God, the people of this state are so easily duped.
I wish I had the money and ability to get a job somewhere outside of this state, then I would be long gone from this @$$hats laws. But at least me & mine can defend ourselves in times of trouble without being tackled for having a pocket pistol.

A very small step in the right direction for a very wrong governor
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