Wood trumps plastic anyday....Walther PPK/S

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May 8, 2008
Here is the original grips on a Walther PPK/S:


I got a set of Hogue wood grips [Kingwood], and it really makes a difference in how it makes the gun look. They are a little bit fatter than the plastic, but also a bit wider, so it feel better in the hand. Here's the new look:

The first thing I did when I got my PPK/S about 3 years ago was to put some wood Hogues on. Make sure that the panels fit exactly right (I had to whittle and sand mine a bit) and that they don't interfere with anything. On my gun, if I tightened the panels too much or if they were even slightly cocked when I tightened them, one panel would interfere with the magazine release (making it almost impossible to operate) and somehow I think the panels could interfere with the hammer mechanism causing light hammer strikes. A couple of times I had tiny little splinters break off the inside surface of the panels, but I'm not sure that caused any problems.

A couple months ago I decided to fill out the grip a bit with a rubber Pachmayr sleeve. When I did that, I put the original ugly plastic panels back on because they matched the ugly rubber sleeve better than the wood Hogues. Since then, ALL my reliability problems have disappeared (mostly stiff mag release & light strikes).

The Hogues definitely look good, but I suspect that they were not designed for the S&W version of this gun and I think the dimensions are not exactly right. For a range gun it doesn't matter much, but you should be very careful if you plan on using the gun for SD. And if you start to have mystery malfunctions, I would check the grips before anything else.
I kept the factory grips on my EDC Manurhin, its a no frills working gun. But, for a little style, I like the look of ivory.
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Looks great. A few years ago I had a PPK Not the S model. I could not find any wood grips for it. A buddy of mine had the same problem. I don't know now if anybody makes them or not but since I don't have the gun anymore it doesn't matter :D
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