Wylde confusion

That's the chamber on mine. It appears to work just fine with either. I use LC and Starline cases and run loads on the bottom end of the NATO data. I have bullets seated to fit and function from my mags. Different bullets required slight seating changes to feed due to the plastic tips hanging on the front lip of the mag on occasion, but getting good accuracy.
That’s what I thought, just having more brain farts than normal this week. I don’t load upper end on anything so that shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll maybe hit upper 223 maybe looking for the best accuracy as that was the whole purpose of building this rifle. The intent was to hit potatoes at 250 with an AR, so that’s why I built this one. Jake, I’ll be placing an order in a few minutes for some more 69 3GH and some 124 Nukes.
It’s a 1/7 heavy stainless I got a couple years ago from Palmetto as a complete upper and at 100 it’s drilling quarters with the 69’s from batch 1 and batch 2 seems to be just a hair better. Can’t wait to compare the new ones.
Got my bullets this morning. Don’t know how you do it, and I didn’t even get a shipping notice. Looking at my bank online the payment is still pending. I’m in awe of the service and the bullets are terrific as always. Now to load them up and get to testing them.