XDS and Shield Alternatives

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I'm confused by the G-Lock crowd when your post seemed to be leaning towards the thinner options. Oh well, fanboys will be fanboys.

...and haters will be haters. Really, was this comment necessary? The OP is asking for viable alternatives to the XDs and Shield, and did not say "and they must be thinner than any of those horrible plastic Glock thingies"

OP, I would personally wait for the XD-S, especially if you really like the two guns you listed. I think it is always a good choice to wait for the gun you really want and the XD has been getting rave reviews, as has the Shield. If you are at all intimidated by the XD being .45, they are planning releasing it in 9mm and .40 as well. I am seriously considering buying the XD-S to take the place of the LCP i sold awhile back.
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Xds is great with the extended mag. Seven rounds just like 1911 and seems light and dang accurate.
Don't be intimidated by the XDs in .45. It is a soft shooting pistol with less recoil than my 9's or 40's. It does take some effort to rack the slide, but that may be why the recoil is so soft. It is also VERY accurate and easy to aim with the fiber optic front sight. As soon as I break it in, it will be my carry gun all year round.

Did I mention that I'm very happy with mine. :D:D:D
Boberg. I did what shipwreck did and bought two.
I passed on the XDs and went the 3.8 route in .45.
None aforementioned are what I would pocket carry.
I may try a shield....maybe.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the LC9. I actually prefer the trigger and ergonomics to the Shield. I own an M & P .45 and I would never carry that gun without a safety with the stock trigger. The Ruger trigger is more revolver like, I still get good combat accuracy, it's a nice slim concealable package. The only thing I don't like is the mag disconnect.

The XD-S is a cool gun, although I wish it came with a grip extension on the stock mags, but it's two hundred more than the LC9. I do like .45 for carry though ( I also carry a Kimber CDP Pro).
Shield alternatives that come to mind (single stack 9mm) would be the Beretta Nano, Ruger LC9, Kahr PM9/CM9... All quality, all with haters and fanboys. I chose the Beretta Nano after muh research, even though I'm a M&P lover.

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I would like a Shield but no idea when I'll find one. I carry a Nano also and really have enjoyed it.


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I'll vouch for the Walther PPS. I just got mine about a month ago. Real nice shooter. I also trst shot the LC9 and Nano. I shot the LC9 better than the Nano, but both were good guns. I wound up getting a good deal on my PPS so I went for it. I would buy a Shield in 9mm if I could find one. I've shot one and it's a sweet shooter.
I originally wanted a Shield when my wife offered to buy me a new gun for my B-day(and pay for my CCW class :))... though nobody had one, and apparently they still don't.

I am impatient and ended up wanting a CW9 instead... well the dealer was out of CW9s... so I left with a CM9 and a 7rd extended mag to go with it

Absolutely LOVE it. It is very easy to shoot, recoils much less than I thought it would, and while the sights are kind of unconventional to the 3 dot that is more common, I can line them up fast and accurately.

Only issue I had is that the 7rd extended magazine is ammo sensitive to at least one brand... I couldn't get through a full magazine of Federal 115gr FMJ ammo. The rounds would nose dive UNDER the feed ramp. Aguilla 115gr, Aguilla 124gr, and Magtech all function flawlessly. And more importantly the 115gr Remington hollow points are reliable in it as well. I have put 100rds of EACH of those brands of ammo through the gun, with more than half being through the 7 rounder once I had my first failure with it.

The Federal ammo has a more sharply angled "cone" of the bullet and has the longest OAL of all the cartridges by over 0.012" on average of all the above IIRC.

At the range, I got to shoot another fellow's XDS and I've got to admit, that thing had nowhere near as much kick as I thought it would have had. I was quite impressed, though the 5rd capacity disappoints me. 6 rounds and I'd be buying one ASAP.

To reiterate though, I think coming from revolvers there is a good chance you'll greatly enjoy the Kahr pistols with the DAO trigger and lack of external safeties.
I just ordered 2 - 7 round mags from Midway USA for my XDs. I bought my XDs at Ye Olde Outfitters in Tipp City, Ohio. When I got mine, they said there were still 5 in stock. You might give them a call and see if they have any in stock.
How about a Sig P938? My Dad got one because he couldn't find the Shield anywhere.

Personally, I wear shorts with big pockets, so I pocket carry a M&P9C. That holds double what most single-stack pocket pistols hold :D
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