Zeroing a Henry Golden Boy

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Mar 19, 2005
I took my stock as bought new Henry GB to the range yesterday to zero it in with iron sights (buckhorn rear with stairs to raise/lower, and post and brass bead front). It's a 100 yard indoor range, and so I tried zeroing it at different distances with Aguila Super Extra 40 grain solids. It grouped okay, but when I took it out to 100 yards, it was approximately 5 inches high. When I dropped the rear down 1 notch, it was approximately 5 inches low. I fired approximately 15 rounds for each group to get an accurate grouping (about palm size) and called my flyers. I shot off a rest with the wood forestock resting on the rest.

How do I get it to go up just half a notch with the rear sight, when it doesn't have a half notch? I'm open to suggestions or better instructions on using the buckhorn sights.
Not trying to be a smart Alec, but if you look at your manual on page 10 it gives you info on sight adjustments. You can use the “elevator” to raise or lower the sight but you also have the sight insert with the white Diamond on it to make finer adjustments. Just loosen the screw and slide it up or down. You can also flip that plate over for another size of sight notch.

Here’s the manual for the H004 Golden Boy .22.

Good luck and have fun with that Henry.

This image is from the manual linked above.
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