Zumbo is being used against us in the Senate

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A previous poster's correct.
The damage is irrevocably done.
Zumbo has made a mess that can't be cleaned up by neither him nor anyone else.
It comes as no surprise to me that an element that can avoid facts as easily as the hoplophobes would be all over this opportunity without being "inconvenienced" by the knowledge of Zumbo's retraction, sincere or not.
Unfortunately, his high profile only made his "mistakenness" more easily used against not just himself, but all of us. :fire:
Umm, by quoting Zumbo's rant about how tons of people are using EBRs to hunt, didn't he just disprove his initial allegory that the NRA was somehow lying about tons of people using EBRs to hunt? :scrutiny:
I hope no one is surprised by this. It was a done deal as soon as Zumbo posted his blog. I knew it, you knew it, and the anti's knew it was just ammo for them.
Um, no. Without the ensuing furor, Zumbo's blog would have languished in obscurity until it eventually just disappeared forever.

The only reason any anti- (and most pro-gun folk) has ever discovered Zumbo's statement was the reaction.
The only reason any anti- (and most pro-gun folk) has ever discovered Zumbo's statement was the reaction.

Ahh so we should have just ignored it? That will work well.

Don't kid yourself, they read all the gun rags looking for stuff like this.

They quote our own magazines and writers all the time.

This isn't the first or the last time this will happen.

All we can hope for now is other writers will watch their tongues and not give "them" any more nice passages to quote.
You're right wooderson we should have just ignored it and let zumbo keep spouting his line of crap. It's OUR fault that he said it and it's OUR fault that the anti gunners are using it against us.
I did write the Senator, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Senator Levin is an anti gun dirt bag and that will never change, but if we could flood his email with a thousand replies to his idiotic remarks, he might think more carefully before he runs his mouth.
And one of the reasons they discovered it is because they are here among us.

So the next time you read something on the internet, think.

Think. Hard. Especially when someone is asking you to do something. Now, I'm an old fart here. I know more than a few folks on this thing of ours personally. Face to face. I shoot competitively. I got those nice little badges from Knob Creek stamped "vendor." You can't fake that.

I betcha Zumbo's gonna be on the phone to the guy's office. Not that it matters. Jim's highly irritated at this crap. It is NOT a good idea to hack off a skilled writer. That is the sorta thing that comes back to bite one harder...

Y'all need to send a nice note to your congresscritter about how you're outraged at this Levin fellow for stretching the truth on the floor - isn't lying to congress/senate sort of illegal? Or is it only legal if one is a politician - Maybe we should ask...

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Correct. And we need to keep reminding them of that - from "within" as well.

Some folks are secure - they know they're not going to get into a contested election in their area... Can't do anything about folks like Schumer or McCarthy... But the folks in between the coasts...

They're where we really need to apply pressure. Get them knee-jerkin' so hard that if an advisor even mentions "gun control" around them, he or she gets fired right then.
I quit reading the "outdoor" magazines when they had more and more articles about how hunters need to become allies of environmentalists.

A couple of problems are hunting "buddies" overlook (yes I have hunted and totally support hunting, but I am speaking of guys who only hunt):

1) They are the "useful idiots" Lenin spoke of. People who want to be seen as do-gooders by the politically correct (another communist euphamism) and ignore the hard principles being undermined. Environmentalists will work with them to get large tracts of land set off for non-motorized recreation. Sounds wonderful for the hunters right? Wrong. Once they have the momentum that an area is off limits to most human activity, it will not be long before they lobby to get it closed to ALL humans, including hunters, but not closed of course to environmental "scientists" and "volunteers."

2) As we all know, once politicians ban the EBRs, it will go the way of England and Australia.

Hunters who speak and vote like Zumbo represented will loose not only their precious rifles, but also their hunting lands. If they think politicians and environmentalists are their buddies they will be "shocked" when they discover they have always been seen by them as just "useful idots."
There are somethings , once they are said, cannot be taken back.
No matter the heart felt appologies, it's as permanent as a brand. Zumbo's words will be used agaist the Constitution and the right to keep and bear arms for centuries. I would not want to be Zumbo.
So Mr. Levin agrees with Zumbo's assessment that these arms are Terrorist rifles?

Yes. :barf:

He totally disregards constituent views. We've passed Castle Doctrine & Emergency Powers Protection acts in MI recently, and there's a bill soon to be introduced that would repeal the law requiring "safety inspections" (i.e. registration) of pistols. Despite the momentum toward the pro-gun side in our state, he totally disregards our views.

Here's his reply to one of my recent letters after I basically demanded that he stop sending me the same damned form letter I've posted here before and that he outline his view for me instead of the same political B.S. he spews that avoids stating his position directly (i.e. here's form letter #2):

Thank you for contacting me about legislation to reauthorize the federal assault weapons ban. I appreciate hearing your views on this matter.

As you know, in 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the assault weapons ban into law. This law banned 19 specific weapons, as well as a number of other weapons incorporating certain design characteristics, including pistol grips, folding stocks, bayonet mounts, and flash suppressors. The law also prohibited the manufacture of semiautomatic weapons that incorporate at least two of these military features and accept a detachable magazine. Unfortunately, despite both the support of President Bush and a bipartisan majority in the Senate, the House of Representatives did not take any action to reauthorize the assault weapons ban and the law expired on September 13, 2004.

I am a cosponsor of the Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act (S.620), introduced by Senator Feinstein (D-CA) on March 14, 2005. S.620 would reauthorize this critical piece of gun safety legislation and help to prevent criminals and terrorists from having potential easy access to many of the highest powered and most lethal firearms produced. My complete statement regarding S.620 can be found on my website at [levin.senate.gov/newsroom/release.cfm?id=232709].

Thank you again for contacting me.

Carl Levin

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Not to hijack the thread, but I am surprised that there hasn't been more discussion about Zumbo's use of term "terrorist" rifle.
Seems to me that the major folks worldwide using the AR15 (M16) is the United States military. While I know it was not his intention, Zumbo did indeed (unintentionally of not) call our military terrorists!
When I see news clips of the folks we are fighting (terrorists), they are almost always holding Kalashnikov's, not AR15s. In my world, the bad guys used AKs, the good guys use ARs.
If Levin wants to support Zumbo's position, then write him a letter and let him know how insulted you are that he is calling our military terrorists. That ought to shut his pie hole!
If Levin wants to support Zumbo's position, then write him a letter and let him know how insulted you are that he is calling our military terrorists. That ought to shut his pie hole!

Probably not. People like him, even with all of their "I support our troops" proclamations, really do hate our military. Levin is at the head of the "hate America" crowd.
Levin is part of the" Iknow what is best for you" crowd. I have written the man many times, and at times I feel like I'm beating my head againsty a brick wall. Let's turn the anger and irritation we let loose on Zumbo, let it loose on those who would disarm us. We have to be united in one solid front, folks. I know, I'm preaching to the choir here, but sometimes it needs to be said.
Thank You Mister Zumbo

I wrote a lot of emails on that fateful weekend, urging his sponsors to drop him. This is why. It's not the first time he's been used as an anti-2A icon, and it won't be the last.

He betrayed us and himself in ways that cannot be undone.

I've always said that hunters will lead the charge to ban guns. It's ironic how blind these FUDD's are. Check out the photos of confiscated guns in England or Austrailia ... all they have are single shot .22s or beat up shot guns ... this is what they are confiscating in "major raids". These are hunting guns.

The stab in the back given to us by Zumbo will be delivered over and over and over again.
O.K., So I'll rant too:

What would Mr. Zumbo say about the following article:
Okla. town halts prairie dog poisoning
Updated 12d ago | Comments 2 | Recommend 4 E-mail | Save | Print |

Enlarge By Michael D. Pope, Lawton Constitution via AP

Residents enraged by the city of Lawton's prairie dog eradication program protest in Elmer Thomas Park last Saturday, in Lawton, Okla. City officials have agreed to stop poisoning the black-tailed prairie dog population.

LAWTON, Okla. (AP) — The city of Lawton, Okla., agreed to stop poisoning prairie dogs, whose antics have attracted tourists to a local park, after outraged residents came to the rodents' defense.
The small, stout rodents have been burrowing through Elmer Thomas Park for decades, annoying city workers but entertaining onlookers.

ON DEADLINE: Prairie dogs gone wild

Parks and Recreation Director Kim Shahan estimates the black-tailed prairie dog population at the park has doubled to 8,000 since 2002. When the rodents started to encroach on neighboring Lawton High School athletic fields, the city decided to take drastic action.

"This isn't about the prairie dog," Shahan said. "I like the prairie dog as much as anyone else. But the issue now is safety."

FIND MORE STORIES IN: Okla | Mitchell | Residents | LAWTON
City workers spent two nights last week dropping poisonous pellets into prairie dog holes and then sealing them to reduce the population. The pellets contain aluminium phosphide. Moisture in the soil produces a phosphine gas that kills the prairie dogs.

"We found out about it the next day, and the people that loved the prairie dogs really started hollering," said resident Sherry Bly.

Angry protesters converged on the park Saturday, and the group began an online petition drive to "stop the poisoning of our Lawton Prairie Dog Population!"

"I think it was horribly cruel, and it was done in an inhumane way," Bly said. "Those little prairie dogs suffered horribly."

Shahan said the city has halted its poisoning efforts for now.

Keith Mitchell, Lawton public schools spokesman, has seen countless prairie dog holes appear on the grounds surrounding Lawton High School, including the baseball field and football practice field.

"We're fighting them back," Mitchell said. "Right now, our groundskeepers fill holes with dirt as soon as they see them. Naturally, our concern is the safety of our students.

"We don't want some kid going back on a fly ball, worrying that he might step in a hole and break his ankle," Mitchell said.

It has gone 1 step further, the F&W department has now found the city of Lawton in violation for poisoning them without a license. Then they decided not to press charges because the only people who would have been charged were the workers who actually put the poison out (who were only doing what they were told by their elected official bosses and would have been fired had they not done it).
I realize this doesn't necessarily relate to the absurdity of using Zumbo's 1/2 uu remark to justify banning "terrorist weapons", but it just goes to the mindset of our fine elected officials doing it.
My Grandmother had a saying, "You always vote against whoever is in office now, because by the second term, they've lost what little sense they had"
Not to hijack the thread, but I am surprised that there hasn't been more discussion about Zumbo's use of term "terrorist" rifle.

The majority of people couldn't tell an AR from an AK.
That would only confuse and water down the issue farther.

Stay on track to the original intent of Zumbo and his post:
To restrict the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
If they get Gonzales up on the Hill, maybe they can ask him if he and Pres. George W. Bush support Zumbo's analysis as a rationale for their support for the renewal of the original AWB and whether they support 1022.

Interesting question. Mitt supports an AWB because GWB did! But he is in favor of HUNTING. :banghead: :fire: :cuss: :mad: :barf:
So, besides carping about spilt milk on teh intartron, what are you all doing about it?

*hint: go back and read bogie's posts.*

Email or call Levin's office to set the record straight:
The NRA had nothing to do with Zumbo's career being demolished. It was a completely grassroots issue. If you must, point out that the Zumbo story really broke loose on a Friday afternoon, and gained serious momentum over the weekend- when the NRA offices would have been closed.

Email or call YOUR senator's office to set the record straight, and point out that Levin is obviously misinformed.
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