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In the market for a Remington Genesis

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Whyzman, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Whyzman

    Whyzman Member

    I was new to muzzleloading when I looked to extend my deer hunt in Minnesota and Wisconsin a few years ago. I also didn't realize at the time I bought my Remington Genesis that at the $100 Cabelas was unloading them for I would have been wise to pick up a second one for my son...just in case.

    So, now he's interested. Anything to do with ditching video games in favor of getting out in the woods with dad...I'm all in. ;)

    I'm in the market for a Genesis with the stainless barrel. Stock and forend not so much an issue.

    Please feel to PM me with details.


  2. Whyzman

    Whyzman Member

    I didn't realize that it looks a bit odd to see over 40 views with no replies since I asked for PMs...

    So here I am posting in my own thread just for presentability. Is that an acceptable word?

    At first look in the threads posted, it looks like either it's a really really tough question that no one knows the answer for, or it must be like the most boring thread in the history of muzzleloaders.
  3. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    Patience, Pard.

    Folks are away from their computers, visiting family and watching football today. Let it run a few days.

    There are also other brands of muzzleloaders out there. If price is a problem, check your pawnshops this time of year. You will find some used ones.

    Good luck and Happy New Year.
  4. Whyzman

    Whyzman Member

    Thanks J-Bar! A prosperous New Year's wish back attcha!

    With nearly 13,000 active members I would agree with you...patience!

  5. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    There's a used stainless one on Gunbroker that's very expensive with a Leupold scope on it.


    The Genesis is a model that's hard to find and has gone up a lot in value, especially in relation to the Cabela's clearance price.
    A person may need to scour classifieds using Google searches in order to find a used one at a reasonable price.
    Most folks basically know that their current value has increased.
    I found an ad from 1/2011 for a NIB stainless and black Genesis which was asking $300 shipped for it. It wasn't marked sold either, are you willing to pay that much? This exact model cost $275 at Bud's Gun Shop when it was sold brand new.
    It would be more economical to search for a Traditions Yukon which was essentially the same gun, also built by Ardesa except with a minor difference or two, possibly in the trigger mechanism.
    The Yukon only has a 24 inch barrel and weren't made in stainless but were made in nickel. A new nickel Yukon originally cost $230 at the Kittery Trading Post but are no longer in stock.
    Someone complained about not being able to get any parts for their Genesis from Remington, and IIRC the Traditions trigger wasn't interchangeable. Lack of parts is a negative about it.
    There's several recent ads on Arms List selling Yukons.
    FWIW, the base models were on sale for about $149 at The Sportsman's Guide at some point.
    Is a new or used Yukon a model that you would consider buying?




    You can also try asking on the HuntingNet.com black powder forum where the Genesis is a popular model that many folks either bought during the clearance or have in their collection.

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  6. Whyzman

    Whyzman Member

    Thank you Arcticap for the information!

    I am focused on a Genesis. Hopefully, I've started early enough for next season for the right deal to cross my path.

    My main concern, as you pointed out, was parts. What follows, I suspect, will be welcome knowledge for other Genesis owners. Although I've not had any problems with removal and cleaning of my breech plug, I thought it wise to secure another one for my Genesis since we are not as yet too far from its retirement.

    A call went out to Remington customer service which did not leave me a happy camper in the least. I was given the name of an authorized repair facility in Minnesota and the name of the importer in Florida. My conversation with the repair facility in MN ended with, "We currently have none in stock." My call to the importer in FL was equally fruitless and I still don't have any idea why I was given their name. They couldn't determine if the Genesis was on their import list.

    I was not pleased with how Remington literally dropped the musket ball on this; not insuring that Genesis purchasers would be taken care even though their model was discontinued.

    My Internet search finally took me to Traditions customer service where I was not only able to order the breech plug for my Genesis, but was informed that I could secure any Genesis parts through them. As pointed out by Arcticap, Traditions and Remington used the same Spanish manufacturer, Ardesa. This was confirmed by Traditions customer service. I was concerned about the Torch Cam as this part is unique to the Genesis. 'They even had a Torch Cam in stock. It was also reassuring to be appraised that there had not been any call for Torch Cams, which to me spoke of their durability.

    Traditions also has excellent FAQs on their website covering muzzleloader care and maintenance.

    So there you have it. Parts for the Genesis are available through Traditions. And, if not in stock, I was told they could be ordered. AMEN!
  7. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    That's great news and you're the first that I've heard from to confirm that Traditions does sell some of the parts.
    Maybe Traditions didn't have the Genesis parts before and the situation has now changed?
    And I wonder why Remington didn't send you to Traditions for parts? :rolleyes:
    Anyway, below is the Yukon PDF manual and I would be interested in hearing about any other parts that the two guns don't share in common other than the torch cam.
    If I were you I would keep an eye on Gunbroker or GunsAmerica to see what comes up over time. And keep up regular Google searches for private classified ads to see if you can catch a newly posted ad before it's long gone.
    Everyone here can help to keep an eye out for you too if they run across one for sale.
    Please try to let us know how it works out.

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  8. Whyzman

    Whyzman Member

    I am most appreciative of all the help.

    Here's the link to the Remington Genesis manual...parts diagram is at the end: http://www.remington.com/products/archived/black-powder/genesis-muzzleloader.aspx

    That is a head-scratcher Arcticap. Why didn't Remington Customer Service direct me to Traditions? I suspect that it may have something to do with the authorized repair facility in Minnesota. Remington was not helpful at all or say anything to assuage my concerns that Genesis owners had been hung out to dry with a discontinued product. There was no, "Not to worry we've gottcha covered!" Traditions' Customer Service jumped all over the opportunity to help me. I was smiling the whole time I was on the phone...a very pleasant experience. I was assured that any part I needed for my Genesis I would be able to get through them. Even if Remington plans at some time in the future to re-enter the blackpowder market...please take care of the situation you've created. I am a repeat customer due to the fact that I trusted the Remington name. I am not at all pleased how Remington has handled the Genesis...there have got to be thousands of us out there who trusted the supplier to look after us...:(

    Many of us capitalized on the mail-in rebates so they have our names and addresses. With the discontinuing of the Genesis they could have sent us something letting us know they had our backs. Or, at least had something on their website to assure us "we" weren't obsolete!

    Traditions Customer Service quickly looked up the Torch Cam part number, checked inventory, and assured me that if there was a part they did not have inventoried they'd be able to order it for me. Now that's Customer Service, and it isn't even their gun. As a direct result of this experience, if my Genesis endeavor does not pan out, top on my list would be a Traditions firearm.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013
  9. Whyzman

    Whyzman Member

    Well, chasing down a few leads.... :)

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