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Stainless trigger P238

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by HisSoldier, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. HisSoldier

    HisSoldier Well-Known Member


    And the Sig below a Colt Mustang Plus II with the same trigger;
  2. Jolly Rogers

    Jolly Rogers Well-Known Member

    So the trigger is interchangeable between the Colt and the Sig?? I was wondering about that. Where did you get the trigger?
  3. Guns and more

    Guns and more member

    I've never seen the black grips on a 238.
    Were they stock?
    Mine has the Rosewood grips, but yours looks good too.

    I've also seen someone is making exotic wood grips for the Sig.
    Pricey, but they are calling out to me.
  4. HisSoldier

    HisSoldier Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you asked. :)

    I bought a Colt .380 government model and a Mustang Plus II, I'm a dyed in the wool materials snob because I make aftermarket replacement parts for industry, so I hate plastic and aluminum in my guns.

    The plastic trigger looked really cheap and the choice was either make a stainless replacement or sell the guns. I made one on manual machines (Lathe, mill) out of 303 and put it in my Mustang Plus II.

    Then I got a call from a guy who does reliability work for police, some of them carry the small Colts as back ups.
    He sent me a computer drawing of how he wanted some made and I made them up in our CNC equipment, the material is 416 stainless. I started a run of 100 and had to toss all but about 80 (Terrible scrap rate!), anyway, there are quite a few left and they are for sale for $40 each.
    The gun in the photo belongs to a customer who bought one for his Colt and asked if one would fit the Sig.

    It does.
  5. HisSoldier

    HisSoldier Well-Known Member

    The customer mentioned that the grips are aluminum, I don't know where he got them, I'll look into that.
  6. Jolly Rogers

    Jolly Rogers Well-Known Member

    How did the installation go? I haven't detail stripped my Sig yet and the instructions are not abundant... I need to shoot my 238 more to see if the trigger action smooths up some too. That trigger looks awesome. Looks like I need to start saving up my coin!
  7. HisSoldier

    HisSoldier Well-Known Member

    The owner said it dropped in, no fitting required. That's odd because the triggers were specifically made with fitting for best reset required, and I believe every Colt has required fitting. Fitting is really easy though. Here's the same gun with the customers Mustang Plus II;
  8. bbqBiker

    bbqBiker New Member

    I want one of these SS triggers please.

    Hello, I signed up just to contact you HisSoldier....I've been a long-time lurker til now. Would love one of your SS replacement triggers for my P238 if you think it can drop in with no fitting or such. I am already intimidated by the concept of taking the whole gun apart to swap out the trigger. Having to manually fit it may be more than I can handle. PM sent and my email is in my profile. Thx.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
  9. HisSoldier

    HisSoldier Well-Known Member

    Biker, you don't have to take the whole gun apart, I wish you were here, we could fit it in a few minutes. You want to take the grips off after taking the slide off, then drive out the trigger pivot pin and remove the old trigger while watching very carefully how you get it out. You may have to remove the disconnector, just bow the trigger bar away and slide the disco out.
    The hardest part is getting the new trigger in, but only if you didn't pay attention to exactly how you got the old one out. :) It's the exact reverse. Remember to put the disconnector back in.
  10. bbqBiker

    bbqBiker New Member

    Shoot, I'll try anything once

    OK, sold. I'll try anything once. Sending PP now and will post back later when my new P238 SAS arrives and I get it installed (likley within the month.) Thanks again.
  11. Flint Ridge

    Flint Ridge Well-Known Member

    Well, how do folks reach you?

    I can PM you here, but know folks that are interested that are not members.
  12. j.horan

    j.horan New Member

    I wish to buy one of your after market triggers for my Sig P238. How do I contact you? John.
  13. skott

    skott New Member

    Very interested in a Stainless Trigger for my P238
    PM Sent

  14. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin Well-Known Member

    Got one of these triggers and it really finished my P238 off nicely. BTW, there was no fitting required. Bought it from one of the 1911 forums. :)

  15. j.horan

    j.horan New Member

    P238 lighter trigger

    Which Forum did you get it from ,from what company? .Thanks for the posts!
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2011
  16. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin Well-Known Member

  17. Jolly Rogers

    Jolly Rogers Well-Known Member

    Same guy.:D

    Great part!


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