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Worst firearms deal you ever made?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gp911, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. gp911

    gp911 New Member

    Seeing the "your best deal" threads had me thinking about the other side of the coin. I've been fortunate not to overpay, although I've definitely paid top dollar a few times when I could have done better. Anybody care to share stories where they didn't realize what they had or got the shaft from an unscrupulous seller?
  2. Liberty1776

    Liberty1776 New Member

    I've thought about this post a lot, and actually I've been very lucky - 40 years buying (and selling) and the only complain is a Winchester 69 .22 with a bad sear, but I only paid like $35 for it, so I guess I've had a great run. (I can't count the Century Arms L1A1 that was assembled in their drunk monkey shop, because they all were...)
  3. ApacheCoTodd

    ApacheCoTodd New Member

    As posted in: What were your all time great gun deals/steals?

    A nearly new CZ99 for a case of Bacardi and two tires for a Volkswagen Golf.

    Bringing it back to America was... problematic.
  4. Arp32

    Arp32 New Member

    First rifle I purchased was an Ishapore Enfield 7.62mm for I think about $100 in the late 90's. Except for shooting .22's at summer camp when I was a little kid, I was pretty ignorant when it came to firearms. I bought the Enfield thinking it would be a cheap, fun plinker.

    Took it out to the desert and loaded 10 rounds of 7.62 in the magazine. Fired one shot and blew up a big pile of dirt. That was the last shot the rifle ever fired. The brass had expanded in the chamber and would not eject for anything. It took quite a bit of force later at home to get the spent round out.

    Took it to a gunsmith who said it looked like the Pakistani's had put 50,000 rounds through that rifle and it would cost 2 or 3 times the value of the gun to put but in good working order. Cost me another $25 for him to look at it.

    I ended up throwing it away.

    About 7 years later I bought my second gun and first pistol, a brand new Colt 1911. I made out considerably better on that one.
  5. MedWheeler

    MedWheeler Active Member

    Two I sold years ago to pawn shops. Don't remember what I got for either the stainless PPK/S or the 659, but I'm sure it was pitiful.
    As far as those I've purchased, I did have some regrets for a little while after paying $250 for a used Bersa Thunder 380 in 2008, when I started seeing them go for less than that afterward. But, I wouldn't necessarily say I got a bad deal, because I'm sure I could recoup that today.
  6. Hanshi

    Hanshi Member

    Aaaargh....Take your pick! :banghead:
  7. Naybor

    Naybor New Member

    Probably a Cobra 9 MM Derringer I bought a few years ago.
    It was nearly impossible to pull the trigger and when it did go off it about tore up the hand. Awful!

    I bought it at full price and after about 10 shots traded it off.

    I'm sticking to anything with "Ruger" on it.
  8. Zardaia

    Zardaia New Member

    Traded RRA LAR-15 a few weeks before current panic. Fair to so-so deal at the time, kicking myself now that relative value of what i traded has skyrocketed while what i got hasn't.
  9. NosaMSirhC

    NosaMSirhC New Member

    Trading a H&K USP .40 Compact for a Springfield XD .45 plus cash my way. I have three other USP's.

    Traded off the XD one week later toward my Glock 23 which ironically is my carry gun.

    Making lemons out of lemonade.

    This was 4 years ago and I will NEVER do another horse trade for a gun again.

    Be Safe!


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  10. primalmu

    primalmu Member

    Trading a CZ75 Semi-compact in at a LGS toward an XD40. The XD was a great gun, I just wish I had sold the CZ outright rather than lose money on the trade...
  11. swalton1943

    swalton1943 New Member

    bought a jennings .22 for $100. took it to my daughters' place; third shot it blew up in my hand. minor burns, but a piece of metal hit the center of my glasses lens. new glasses and loss of $100; bought the gun at a gunshow. no way to get a refund!!!!
  12. velojym

    velojym New Member

    Selling my Garand. I don't remember how much I got for it (been a while), but whatever the money went to wouldn't have held up like if I'd kept the rifle in the first place.
  13. avs11054

    avs11054 New Member

    As far as a monetary deal, I guess you could say the gun I just bought. It was a DPMS Tac-20. It was used, but it had some upgrades. I paid about $400 more than what is was worth during this current craze. I'd wanted that gun for a long time, and over-paying for it now was worth more to me than the slight chance that I might never be able to buy it again. Other than that, I bought a few guns a few years ago that I ended up selling about a year later. They were guns that I bought just to have, and I wish I had spent the money on something else now.
  14. JRH6856

    JRH6856 New Member

    In spite of the known problems, I wanted a Ruger Ranch Rifle in 6.8 SPC. Then Ruger quit making them and I couldn't find one anywhere. I finally found a never fired one in December so I bought it and not at a bargain price. Then I got busy with the holidays and got sick with the flu and by the time I got well and felt like looking for ammo the panic was on and there was none to be had. And no brass, primers, or bullets. So I've got a gun that I haven't shot and probably won't be able to shoot for maybe a year.
  15. Grassman

    Grassman New Member

    I over paid for a Winchester 94 Ranger a few years back, but I ended up selling it for what I had in it.
  16. Speedgoat

    Speedgoat New Member

    Buying a CRPF Winchester.
  17. OilyPablo

    OilyPablo Active Member

    They have some, but it goes fast: http://www.ssarmory.com/index.aspx

    Worst deal? Nothing too nasty. I bought a Glock 20C, when I could have chosen a 20SF. Price was OK, though. My Colt Trooper III, the guy said it worked great but had some real issues. He out and out lied to me. Again the price was fine, I fixed it like new and was good experience for me. Maybe just recently - I started bidding on GB for a CZ-82, low bid, and then I figured I wouldn't win that one, so I bid on another.........long story short I ended up buying two CZ-82's. Just picked them up on Friday. I detail cleaned them both - they are both in great shape - and I only have two boxes of 9X18!
  18. commygun

    commygun New Member

    Noble 33 pump action .22. Bought it off some random dude at a gun show and it was seriously defective. There's no way the guy couldn't have known if he even tried to fire it once. I ended up chopping it. In 25 years of gun deals that's the only time I've been lied to.
  19. Legionnaire

    Legionnaire Active Member

    Never a bad deal on the purchase of a firearm ... at least to my recollection. Some I found I didn't like and eventually sold or traded off, but the purchase wasn't a "bad deal."

    Selling is a different story. I sold a couple of guns that I later found had far higher market value than I thought. One example: sold a very nice Ruger SuperRedhawk with Leupold scope for less than the gun was worth alone. I was young(er) and less wise in those days ...
  20. DC3-CVN-72

    DC3-CVN-72 New Member

    I paid full MSRP for a RUGER M/77-.357 MAG. When it was anounced I was first on the list. I'M glad I did. :)

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