1. Big-bore-bob

    First ever try at indoor bullseye!

    Hi all, Today I had my first experience at indoor bullseye competition. There's a league at my local indoor range with several old timers who are excellent shooters. I was given a lot of great advice ranging from stance to wobble zone to trigger control and I'm overwhelmed and excited to train...
  2. G

    BE-86 9mm 147gr Load Data?

    I’m new to 9mm, but now have various pistols and PCCs. After years away from reloading, I have an inventory of 147gr. Sig V-Crown JHP, Zero FMJ and Missouri Bullet Company Coated subsonic FN. I decided to start with one powder and picked up some BE-86 and have Winchester WSP primers. This...
  3. Jessesky

    'Red 9' C96 Identification, 1920 rework?

    Hello all, its been a moment since I've posted here, but good to be back. I recently acquired this Mauser c96 'Broomhandle' at auction. It was advertised as a "Red 9" however I knew I was taking a risk that it may not be authentic. Im hoping you all may explain to me what a few things mean, as...
  4. WVGunman

    What would make you get rid of a gun that had nothing wrong with it? (Kind of a random ramble)

    Please note: I am deliberately NOT mentioning a brand name here, because that will immediately sidetrack all discussion into arguments about that and other brand names. This is about personal tastes and aesthetics, which are not unique matters to any particular make, market niche, or model. So...
  5. S

    Beretta PX4 Storm VS Stoeger Cougar Series

    I have been researching both the Beretta PX4 Storm models, and the Stoeger Cougar series. The information I have discovered suggests that these pistols are identical copies nearly except the material in the frame. Stoeger uses aluminum while Beretta is using polymer. I also have read and...
  6. N555

    What's the hottest 9x19 +p factory load available?

    What's the hottest 9mm luger factory ammo available? A quick search says probably buffalo bore +p+. The 147gr at 1,175fps doesn't sound like a particularly great idea. Underwood ammo 147gr +p sounds pretty hot too, 1,130fps. Anything else?
  7. Big-bore-bob

    Load work-up for sig sauer P210

    Hi all, I loaded a ladder test with the intent of making a pet accuracy load for the p210. Ill be heading out to the range Friday to test the loads in my p210 and p226. The loads are a hornady 115 fmj rn, over 5.8, 6.0, 6.2, 6.4gr power pistol, remington 5 1/2 primer, blazer once fired cases...
  8. ReggiesFree

    Remington 9mm Inconsistent Specs??

    Hey Studs, I'm looking at some mark-down prices on Remington 9MM 124 Gr Ultimate Defense Compact BJHP. This ammo box does not denote "full size or compact ammo". Here is the deal...3 different ammo sites have 3 different specs! 1. Ammofast - Energy/334 ft-lbs & Velocity-1100 fps 2. Natchez...
  9. L

    Smith and Wesson M&P9 M2.0 3.6" Compact Front POV (Pictures)

    (All pictures taken safely.) Winchester Defender 147 Grain Bonded JHP.
  10. F

    Advice on 9mm load?

    This is kind of long. And kind of wordy. But my reasoning is that it’ll save time to tell as much as I can. So, just to lay out the variables… I’m working on a 9mm load with HP-38 (I have six pounds…) and 125gr moly-coated conical nose bullets from Summit City (cheap). I did a ladder test and...
  11. M

    Browning High Power Identification, Help Needed !!

    Hi , I need help to identify this browning high power. The serial seems to be strange. also the stamps on both the gun and the barrel , I was not able to Identify- all help is appreciated
  12. nagmashdriver

    Mystery 9mm magazine identification sought

    You would THINK that in the year 2023 with Google's "Image Search" function on their (and others) search engine, I would be able to quickly identify this magazine, right? Wrong. I've done numerous searches and come up with bupkis. Magazine is definitely 9X19 and the capacity is 16 rounds...
  13. L

    Smith and Wesson 9mm M&P M2.0 3.6"

  14. L

    My First Pistol

    Smith and Wesson 9mm M2.0 Compact 3.6". 15+1 capacity. 3.6" Barrel. Winchester Defender 147 Grain Bonded JHP.
  15. Airborne Falcon

    So here's your choices. Home defense pcc/sbr/carbine (you only get one of two choices) ...

    Both of these are supressed. Both are firing 145-150 grain projectiles. Both are subsonic. Both are AR platform PCC or SBR configurations. Bottom line, AR platform, short barrels (let's say equal lengths +/- 1"). Both have the same lights affixed. Both weigh roughly the same unloaded within...
  16. JShirley

    I Has a Sad (PSA Dagger)

    I have seen the Palmetto State Armory Dagger Glock 3 clones, and have been interested. I finally ended up with one at an incredible price and got around to shooting it this weekend. The Dagger feels good, maybe even a bit better than a compact Glock. The trigger feels workable. It's segmented...
  17. JoeTester

    I like my $450 Extar EP9 Gen2 more than the CZ Scorpion - Tell me why I'm wrong

    I like my $450 Extar EP9 Gen2 more than the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 - Tell me why I'm wrong: I've now fired both firearms, and fired both in approximately the same barrel lengths/formats (but even in the somewhat longer barreled Evo, I think the following comments hold true - I've not fired then 16''...
  18. JoeTester

    Extar EP9 "Gen 2" - Does it still have an adjustable trigger? + Buffer tube quesion

    I have two questions for anyone who purchased a Gen2* EP9 directly from Extar in August 2022 or later: While I'm waiting for my Extar EP9 Gen 2* to ship, I have been trying to figure this out: (1) Does the EP "Gen 2" still come with the adjustable trigger that they did for the first half of...
  19. N555

    New to me powder: Green Dot

    I was at a yard sale and got a keg of green dot. Never used it before. It's in the new style Alliant container so it's not ancient. I was going to at least load 45acp with it, probably pack some 12ga shells with it maybe 9mm, maybe 380. Who uses it and what you use it for? What do you like...
  20. L

    Smith and Wesson 9mm M&P M2.0 3.6"

    Little 9mm...