1. N555

    380acp silencer loads for short barrel.

    I'm looking to cook up a 380acp silencer load for a typical 3 inch gun. I'm thinking 90gr xtp and about 2gr of nitro100nf. Anyone load 380 with nitro10nf? I use it in 9mm and do like it. Using 2gr will load hundreds of shots and barely put a dent in a 14oz container.
  2. N555

    Imagine years and years of zero silencer availability

    We have 8 states ran by the authoritarians that ban private ownership of silencers. Just think what's going to happen when (not if) the big court strikes down those laws. Now there's 2 cases in Illinois. Morris v Raul And Anderson v Raul If just the Illinois ban is struck down they will buy...
  3. JoeTester

    VG6 Gamma & Epsilon Gen2 brakes are vastly inferior to the Gen1 variants

    First thing: he VG6 Gamma's ability to compensate for muzzle rise in 300blk/7.62 brake vs the gen 1 as awful. And the new brake lacks the reward angle cuts to send gas backwards, and has less portage overall, causing greater felt recoil woth the cheaper-to-make Gen2 Gamma (and the Epsilon is the...
  4. American_Fusilier

    Hot suppressors

    So I recently had my form 4 approved, and I took my new Dead Air Mask to the range and shot 25 rounds through it. I was surprised at how hot it got with only 25rds. Made me think that perhaps I need an oven mitt or something. What do you guys use to remove your hot suppressors?
  5. M

    Waiting Time for Suppressor Approval?

    I know I'm still well at the beginning of the approval line, but wondering for anyone getting a suppressor approved in 2022, how long did it take after submission? My Form 4 went in 15 July with an estimated 1-3 month wait. I never heard of anyone getting theirs in less than 3 months, and some...
  6. N555

    Mini14 rebuild

    I already made the mini14 suck less just load developing, it really likes my 64gr tipped matchkings with a start load of H322. My Mini14 has had a lot of rounds through it. The gun is a 183 serries barrel is worn and was a bit pitted when I got it in the late 1990s. Then I got ahold of it and...
  7. N555

    Make the mini14 suck less or making the mini14 great again

    The mini14 loved by few, hated by many. It deserves to be loved. It introduced many new and old shooters to the possibility of a semiautomatic 223/5.56 rifle for half the price of an AR15 back in the day. Dont say just get an AR15, I already have 2 that the government knows about. I have an old...
  8. N555

    Next 5.56 silencer

    I'm thinking gemtec trek. It's short, simple, seems pretty tough, not too much internal volume, only weighs about a pound. On the reviews I saw it doesn't look like it gives gas face, or charging handle to the face. Seems like it can take SBR full auto level punishment, that's over kill for me...
  9. American_Fusilier

    New to suppressors

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a 22 can. I am getting the dead air mask HD 2. I am super excited, and must admit I'm already planning my next suppressor. I've heard of 30cal cans that can be used with 308 etc, and 9mm (with a booster of course), is this true? Can 9mm be shot out of a...
  10. N555

    H322 and 5.56

    I had a few pounds left over from the 1990s that I was going to use up, then I bought some more at a garage sale. I found the same thing when using H322 in 30-30, around the start load accuracy...
  11. M

    Clandestine 5.56 223 loads

    Because why not. 223 and 556 are going to be supersonic not much I can do about that. I might try a faster powder to reduce muzzel flash and blast. It would be more economical too. My first guess is use something like H322, but that's only a little faster than what I normally use blc-2, 748...
  12. M

    Clandestine 45acp 1911 loads

    Same as 9mm, but I don't have the silencer yet. Or the bullets. Gun is a 1911, 5.75 inch barrel, 45acp loaded with a 230gr bullet and AA nitro 100 nf, as it's my fastest burning powder by far. I have loaded a lot of 45acp, normally I use unique, AA7, you know medium to slower 45acp powders...
  13. M

    Clandestine 9mm loads

    Got a new toy. It's my plandemic osprey9 sealed and recoil boosted. Who'd da thunk the plandemic would still be going strong a slow tax stamp later? (13 or 14 months, my slowest of 6 form four silencers by far) The gun is a Beretta 92fs. To really test out this new fangled Nealon device silencer...
  14. American_Fusilier

    Entry level 22 can

    Hey guys. I'm thinking about picking up a 22 can. What are some of your suggestions? I was looking at the SilencerCo warlock Or the YHM stinger. Thoughts?
  15. Spats McGee

    Wannabe Stamp Collector

    It's time for me to start my overthinking process and, as always, I start by asking people who know more than I. (That means y'all.) I have one silencer, a Dead Air Mask. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, a .22 can is definitely the way to go for a first suppressor. I'm up to four...
  16. 748

    Solvent trap

    Looking around on the internet it looks like if you buy a solvent trap from "over seas" like from some where like wish dot com and the department of Homeland Security confiscates them because they look like a silencer and send you a letter telling you that you narrowly avoided getting a felony...
  17. 748

    Anyone ever shot an M1 carbine (30carbine) suppressed?

    Anyone ever shot one with a can on it? I know I'm stuck with super sonic ammo if I want it to cycle and feed. I'm considering sending mine off to get threaded so I can put a simple 9mm pistol can with no moving parts on it. No point in trying to get one thats "30cal rated" since they all seem...
  18. S

    Beretta 70 series...I think?

    I have what I believe is a Beretta 70 series .22. I want to thread the barrel so I can equip it with a silencer. I’ve emailed a few manufacturers with negative results. Any ideas? I do not have the tools to do it myself. I’m in the Central Valley of California and don’t know of any place that...
  19. S

    Need a threaded barrel

    I have what I believe is a Beretta 70 series .22. I want to thread the barrel so I can equip it with a silencer. I’ve emailed a few manufacturers with negative results. Any ideas? I do not have the tools to do it myself. I’m in the Central Valley of California and don’t know of any place that...
  20. Mike OTDP

    Which "pill bottle" micro-can?

    I'm looking at the new "pill bottle" micro-cans, both the Tornado Tech Oxy-22 and the GSL Pill Box. Does anyone have any experience with either? This would not be my first .22 can...nor my second or even third. But they are appealing for the super-small size. TIA.