16 ga ammo sale

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Tom Held

Jun 28, 2003
Germantown, Maryland
I was in Dick's Sporting Goods today in Rockville, Maryland. In the stack of 20 and 12 ga Remington Game Loads on sale were some cases of 16 ga, 1200fps, 7 1/2, for the same price. $3.98 per box by the 10 box case. Normal price is $6.15 if you can find them. Sales guy thought it was some sort of mixup at Remington but they are honoring the price.

Can't get'em any cheaper than that. I'm going to try to bust some doves with them tomorrow.

We got our birds on Saturday Dave (one of my sons and myself) at our dove field in Carroll County. We were the only two our of 15 shooters who limited out. Not that we're any better we just had more shots at birds. We were also the only ones with a robo dove and a couple of decoys on the wires. The robo is a dove magnet. It pulled birds away from the other shooters. I started to feel kind of bad about that (well, not too bad). After we limited out we left the field, left the decoys, and three other shooters took our spot and got some decent shooting before we stopped shooting at 5:30 to let the birds back in to feed.

We shot 20s on Saturday. I'll shoot a 16 today. One of my other boys is joining me today (he got a ticket out of the house today).

Have a good labor day. Hope you steam some crabs and have a couple of cold ones. Tom
Thank's Tom, but I'm working. Sounds like a good opener.

I've shot over dove dekes, they help,IMO.

Good luck today....
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