Remington Ammo, Baint & Switch

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May 22, 2008
Dallas / Ft Worth, TX
So if you looked in last week's Dick's flyer you noticed that Remington STS was on sale for $7 a box (which seemed like a fair price). Below that, they had Remington "Game and Target", regularly $5.99, for $3.98 when you purchased a case. The two deals together got me in the store.

I asked the clerk to help me find the shells that were on sale because there were no signs. After zapping box and box and not finding them, another employee came back from break and instantly told us the story on the cheap shells;

"It's the boxes on the bottom shelf; they are 20rds to a box and downloaded on lead" (meaning 12ga was 7/8oz, 20ga was 3/4oz).

Well, I was a little miffed. 20rds? The clerk thought it was still an ok deal, pointing out that 100rds (5 boxes) would cost $20 where-as the regular full load Remington 100rd pack is $26. Have you seen these 20rd boxes? What do you guys think of advertising these and not indicating they are smaller than regular boxes?
Remington has had those out for a while now - Dick's flyer should mention they are 20 round boxes, not Remington's fault - they're trying to keep ammo affordable. Haven't you noticed how every company keeps packages the same but reduces the amount to keep pricing the same? Toothpaste, charcoal, ice cream, ad nauseum.

he best deal Dick's has are the Gun Clubs - cheaper than the STS and the hulls are just as reloadable, and they are part of the Remington $1.00/box rebate program
Completely agree Dick's should be labeling it correct, but also fault Remington a little bit for making a 20rd box; should I keep my eyes out for tube socks to start to come 5 in a pack? :^)

BTW, can you post a link to a rebate for Gun Clubs? The only one I know of is for STS/Nitro ... which I'm getting for ~$5.50 after tax and $2 rebate.
Got some Feds sitting on a shelf here from about twenty years back that are 20 rounders. They stack in a .30cal ammo box, though. That's a good thing.

I think these large stores buy odd stuff that the manufacturer's don't sell to anyone else, that way you cannot compare prices.

A lot of stuff at Walm*** and Ho** ***ot is that way.:uhoh: Stuff that typically comes in five gallon pails is being sold in four gallon pals. When you call to get a price per pail, you think you are getting a great deal, that is until you see that they are "midget" pails! :uhoh:

You still might be getting a great deal, it just takes more calculating in order to sort it all out in your mind (at least in this mind)!
Ha! I've seen that before. Like the guy that gets to Station 5 in trap and realizes he has no shells left. :confused: For a while Dick's did say "20-round box" in their flyer, but it looks like the ad guys are asleep at the switch again.

Here's what ticks me off: Dick's also advertised a $2 per box rebate on Winchester AA, which brings them down to $5 a box: definitely worth a trip. So I get in my car and drive 20 miles only to discover... Guess which shelf was empty? Somebody cleaned those out quick.
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I remember when candy bars were a nickle. Then the price went to a dime. Little by little, they got smaller for the same price (for a while). The same is true of dog food, detergent, cereal, potato chips, coffee and about everything else. Ammo is no different.
Dick's has the coupons in their gun section; I believe Remington also has it on their web site - it is limited to 100 boxes bought in flats (10 boxes).....I've done this last year, and again this year - makes the ammo affordable
I went into Dicks sporting goods last weekend here in Topeka. The had Win AA HS 28 ga priced at $15.99 a box. Good old Wally world has the same stuff for 10.99 a box. As a whole dicks can kiss my a$$. There customer service sucks, nothing is labeled, the pricing is outragous. There last add listed win AA at 45% off after $2.00 mail in rebate. Well the AA shells went from $9.99 a box for 12 ga or 20 ga skeet loads to $7.99 then a $2.00 rebate. Another local gun shop sells them for $6.99 normal price and you still get the rebate from Winchester.
Found an extra coupon - it is a Remington/Dick's rebate of $1.00/box good on purchases of 10 boxes at a time (a flat). It is only good through July 31. These coupons are in the gun section of Dick's, and are good ONLY for Gun Clubs

UPCs included are:047700309606, 047700301501, 047700323107, 047700345802, 047700346007, and 047700307206.

If Remington is running a different deal on Gun Clubs, maybe you can double up. Here, on sale and with the coupon, the GC comes out at 5.50/box

Hope that helps
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