1911 problem

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Jul 24, 2014
Hi guys, have a question for you. Installed a new trigger in my 1911, and was attempting to adjust the overtravel screw. No matter what, the sear still ticks the 1/2 cock or safety notch, usually staying in the notch. (even with screw backed off completely)
What would be most likely cause? Not sure where to start, but leaning towards a problem with sear spring adjustment.
Oh yea, this happens when carefully lowering hammer with my thumb on it. Don’t really notice it ever happening when actually firing.
Thanks, I’m kinda stumped.
Sorry, I'm a bit confused. You're saying this only happens when lowering the hammer deliberately, and not when actively shooting? If so, what's the problem? Or are you saying that: when thumb-lowering with the trigger pulled, the hammer drops to half-cock and stops?
When lowing deliberately. Just worried something not quite right and sear damage will occur.
You are holding the trigger pressed all the time while lowering the hammer, right? Not just press it to release the hammer and then immediately release the trigger. Sorry for the stupid question, but some novice shooters do that... If not the second, than your trigger might get caught somewhere in the frame thus limiting it's travel. This and the fact that the full cock notch should be higher than the half cock one (that is comparing radiuses from the pivot point of the hammer).
Your trigger is too short for use in that frame with that hammer. No drop in parts in a mass produced 1911. If the half cock notch keeps catching the sear nose when firing the sear and hammer hooks will be damaged. What make of 1911 is this?
Which thumb are you using to lower the hammer? If on the firing hand, you might be letting off of the trigger or grip safety before it's all the way down. Holding in your normal firing grip, pulling trigger and holding it while lowering the hammer with your other thumb...it catches?
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