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.22 conversion thoughts and suggestions?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by RockoRichards, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. RockoRichards

    RockoRichards Member

    Mar 3, 2009
    Hello THR friends,

    I'm looking to draw upon your wisdom and experience in looking for my next buy - a .22 + 9mm centerfire autoloader.

    I'm considering the purchase of either a CZ SP-01 + Kadet Kit (together would be about ~950) or a .22 as a part of Sig's 2-step program (together about ~900). Since the two kits are similarly priced, the difference in cost is negligible. For the Sig, I'm looking at the P229. I'm hoping that this combo be a fun range gun and training tool for friends and family (especially with the .22).

    I know that Advantage Arms also makes a conversion for Glock frames.. however, the AA conversion frames for the G17 and 19 seem to be out of stock everywhere and are apparently on indefinite backorder. I also already have a Springfield XD that I love :).

    Do you have any experience with either the Kadet Kit or the conversion for the Sig P series?

    A few questions:

    I have heard that the Kadet Kit will lock back after the last round (as opposed to the Sig .22 conversion). However, I have also heard that the slide sometimes has trouble locking back when placed on the frame of an SP-01. Anyone with this particular combination?

    I have also read that SP-01s are factory sprung to handle hot ammo and may have trouble reliably cycling common target ammo such as WWB and CCI Blazer. Any truth to that?

    With the Sig 2-step conversion, (where one purchases the frame + .22 conversion slide and sends away for the centerfire slide), I am a bit worried that the centerfire slide may not correctly fit the frame. Is this a legitamate concern, or should I just have faith in Sig?

    Thank you all!

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