22lr/22wmr Combo gun question

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Jan 21, 2003
In these .22 cal guns with 2 cylinders, is the barrel & forcing cone sized for the lr or the wmr, or a compromise?

Would a manufacturer make a .22lr revolver and a 22wmr revolver to different specs?

Hypothetically, if a fellow wanted match grade accuracy from these two calibers, would it be better to buy two platforms?
Couple of guys I have talked to with S&W revolvers have said no real difference at 25 yards, only at 50 yards plus does the Magnum do better. The exception to that seems to be about 50/50 split with Ruger convertible models.

I have the Model 48 K 22 Masterpice target, but have never used the 22Lr cyinder because the 22 MRF is just to addicting. I have also just bought a S&W 647 17 HMR NIB and with the 8 3/8" barrel it should be a shooter.
The H&R 900 series .22rimfire convertible 6" bbl was about as accurate with either at any distance.

Was ,as in it's no longer in my possession. Damn another one to kick myself over!
Heres the deal with the 22lr and 22 magnum.
The .22s use a bullet of identical diameter, hence the forcing cone and bore diameter of the 22 lr and 22 magnum are identical.
The only real difference is that the 22lr still uses that "outdated" heeled bullet design which allows the 22lr case diamter to be smaller then the bullet diameter.
However the 22 magnum uses a straightwalled case that slips ONTO the bullet just like your favorite 45 colt cartridge.

As far as accuracy goes, its a combination of shooting mechanics on the user, the barrel, and the particular load being used in the handgun.
For example you could get a $1000 target revolver made by sw back in the day, and have it shoot "minute of barn door accuracy" untill you find a cartridge that works in it. the multi cylindered guns are the same way.

+1 on what bezoar says. get a bunch of different ammo(cheap with lr, not so cheap with mag) and go have some fun. At some point the group will magically get smaller:eek: and you will go "Oh yeah I just changed brands, didn't I!":rolleyes: Then go buy a whole lot of that brand. That's .22 science on the cutting edge in the 21st century.:D
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