.257 Roberts conversion

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Well I finally took the rifle to the range. The more I read about the 257 the more I think I may purchase it. Still don't know how much it is worth.

I shot some of the not-so-hot reloads. They chronied around 3100fps. I set up a piece of graph paper with an adhesive dot for a target at 100m. The cross hairs completely covered the dot so after the first shot (left) I drew the box and shot 4 more. Smallest group I have ever shot for sure.
I don't know what it's worth to you, but I would give you 600 for it right now, and it's wrong handed for me. Maybe I could restock it in a thumbhole or something and use it off a bench........ :)

I have a 257AI and I love it. Be sure to keep the brass with the gun if you decide to sell it.

A complete zastava mauer action is worth maybe $300? that barrel is maybe $200-250 used. Maybe $50 in mounts and rings. I don't know about the stock or trigger or scope.
I don't know what it's worth to you, but I would give you 600 for it right now.

Thanks for this. Based on your comment I offered the guy 500 for the weapon without the glass. I want a more powerful scope than the 9 power it has on it. I also don't want to rip the guy off. I want to purchase for market value and five hundred seems reasonable. I offered 6 but he insisted on 5. When I get some better glass and work up a load I will post another range report. :D
well my offer stands. In the meantime I'd top it with a simmons whitetail classic 6-20x50, hit the stock with a can of high quality spray paint (I like bedliner in a can) and enjoy a rifle that I bet shoots the lights out.

Dies are a little sticky to come by for the 257AI. I like the lee set http://www.midwayusa.com/product/17...57-roberts-ackley-improved-40-degree-shoulder and I had to buy a 2nd die set http://www.midwayusa.com/product/556895/lee-collet-2-die-neck-sizer-set-257-roberts to get a neck sizing die.

Or you could just shoot 257 roberts brass out of it forever and mail the fire formed ackley cases to me.
I tacked a Forster bench rest AI die onto my last midway order. I didn't mention the $500 got me 40 rounds of new +p loads as well as almost 150 reloads. I just got an impact puller so I can start over with the 150 reloads.

I am definitely with you on the stock. I also want to bed the receiver if it isnt already and get a new muzzle brake made. I will wait until I can get a scope on sale. Possibly a Nikon monarch.. They are supposedly coming out with new stuff next year..
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