2x7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck)

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Feb 12, 2009
Spuds, FL
2-7x32 scope (Best bang for the buck)

Don't know much about optics but the 2-7x32 aka so called "tweener" scope, has really caught my eye! I think it would be the perfect size and power for my Marlin 336.

Right now the ones that have caught my attention are the Redfield Revolution & Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32. Mainly because both are sold here locally. I've also surprisingly read a lot of positive opinions regarding the Centerpoint 2-7x32 sold at Wal-Mart from a few forums.

With that said, what would yall consider the overall best bang for the buck 2-7x32 rifle scope?

Appreciate any help or advice yall can give me!
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I have a Vortex Viper in 3-9x40 and absolutely love it as well. Go with Nikon or Vortex. You can't go wrong with either.
I own both the 2-7x32 centerpoint and the Nitrex 1.5-5x32. The centerpoint is a solid scope with decent glass and positive repeatable clicks that will not break the bank (~$60). The nitrex on the other hand is in a whole different class. It is a top quality legitimate $200-300 scope that sells for less than $100. Buy the Nitrex and enjoy the upgrade to crystal clear glass and very good light gathering for a 32mm objective!
Well when not considering the obvious variable difference, Is the Vortex Viper 2-7 significantly superior compared to the Nitrex TR1 1.5-5?

What I mean is, I don't mind spending the extra cash for the Viper if I'm getting a much much better deal as far as quality goes. If not then I guess the Nitrex is a no brainer, being that it's only $90 after rebate.
I have the nitrex on mu Marlin 336. That scope can see better than I can. It truly expands my dawn/dusk shooting time. Great scope!
How is the "black ring" you see around the open "sight picture" of the scope? Fat? Thin? Am I clear as mud? :eek:

One thing I love about my Leupold 2.5X8X32 is that ring is thin and stays that way unless your eye wanders way out of place. I have some scopes where it is really fat, and that bugs me.

I am looking at low power scopes for a lever gun as well. Looking for good glass at a good deal. If I can't find it, I'll have to pony up and spend the bucks, cause I want decent glass. At least close to Nikon Monarchs or Leupold VX 3's. Might have to spend the cash. I like my Vortex Viper, but not quire as much as the two mentioned. I have almost ordered the on sale 2X7 Viper a couple of times. The Nitrex is intriguing. I would like this Nikon, but would like to avoid spending $500 right now.
I have lots of experience with the Nikon. It is a very serviceable woods to pasture to beanfield scope.

The Nikon Prostaffs have fully multicoated optics.

Keep in mind it is a 'shotgun' scope in that it has 75 yard parallax and 75 yard subtensions. They are on sale for the holidays for around $95.
So what exactly are you getting more with, when comparing the Vortex Viper $169 to the Nikon Prostaff $95.
Viper line of scopes have a published light transmission of 95% (Comparable to Nikon Monarch and Leupold VX-3) whereas Prostaff claim 90%.

My Prostaff can take me well past legal hunting time in low light. The Vortex that much more so, and with possible better contrast and resolution.

The downside with Vortex, and specifically the Viper, is that the line is being discontinued (according to Vortex) and revamped line of ?Viper? models is on the way. So, Vipers are increasingly hard to find. I ordered a 2-7x from swfa.com only have my order go on back order and I cancelled (it was too close to deer season to wait).
So what exactly are you getting more with, when comparing the Vortex Viper $169 to the Nikon Prostaff $95.

Essentially everything is better on the Viper - glass, coatings, assembly quality, fit and finish, resolution, clarity, etc. If you could look through them side by side you would instantly see the difference.
Thanks everyone for the help so far!

I've narrowed it down to either the $169 Vortex Viper 2-7x32 or the $90 Nitrex TR One 1.5-5x32mm.

Although it wasn't what I originally intended, I'm interested in the Nitrex TR1 1.5-5X32, because it's "supposedly(?)".......a rebranded Weaver Grand Slam scope for only $90 after rebate. So if that's true, then this really is a $300 optic, and for that kind of deal, I don't mind being limited to 5x.

So which one of the two do yall think is the better scope for the money?
Either way, you are buying a discontinued model at a closeout price. Are the companies going in a different direction and dumping old (albeit quality) product, or are the companies going down the crapper.

On a personal note, I prefer small objective low power scopes (20-24mm). The larger bell objectives at 1.5 can give barrel or fisheye distortion. I will not buy one without looking through it.
Vortex Viper is the best choice right now imo. If SWFA is sold out, check out Cameralandny.com They are $5 more, but I think they have free shipping or they did so they may actually come out cheaper than SWFA.

I've got a Prostaff in 3-9x40 and it's a decent scope. It seems reliable, it's done great at holding zero out in the field, and just an all around decent scope. However, I'd never recommend it at it's normal price. It's not that it's bad, just that there are much better options in that price range. The Burris FFII and Vortex Diamondback are two of them. The glass on the Prostaff is only decent. It was pretty close to the Simmons it replaced. I felt more comfortable trusting the Nikon, but glass wise wasn't much different. The glass is no where close to the quality of the FFII I have, and I don't like the turrets on the Prostaff. However, if you set them and leave them that's not a huge deal.

Normally, I'd recommend the FFII or Vortex Diamondback in that price range, but right now the Vortex Viper is on clearance and in the same price range and a much better scope.
The Nitrex is probably a somewhat better deal at the final prices. But only get it if 1.5-5x works for you.

Vortex and Weaver are not going anywhere. Buy either one with confidence. Vortex has a better warranty, but neither is likely to need service.
On my 336 I have the Leupold 2.5x fixed power scout scope and love it. Works very well for this lever action.

If I had to choose between the two in the OP I would choose the Redfield. Its made in USA by Leupold and has a no BS lifetime warrenty. I plan on getting one in the near future.
2-7 Burris FF Tac ll. Not sure if it's a 32mm but It's a nice scope.

It's currently just sitting in my safe but It'll probably go on the next AR I get.
I would get the Nitrex of that choice. Plus Natchez has an additional 10% off coupon code going right now... so only $76 plus shipping. If you never tried a 1.5 it is a real treat.

I do really like the Leupold 2-7 though. One of my all time favorite scopes and the one I would normally get.
Are most scopes in the $300-$500 range good enough not to have that fish eye distortion? Dont mean to hijack the thread but I'm in the market for a 1.5-6ish scope and hoping to spend around $500 but I dont want what you just posted when I look through it!
Plus Natchez has an additional 10% off coupon code going right now... so only $76 plus shipping.

Wow! Thank You very much WeldingRod for that info! $76 dollars for a scope that used to cost $299. Now the deal for the Nitrex TR1 seems way to good to pass up.

To be honest this deal also seems too good to be true:(......Is the Nitrex TR1 1-5X32 really on par quality wise with the other "$300 range" optics it used to compete with? If so wouldn't that mean other then differing variable setting, it's just as good as the Vortex Viper?

If so, I would really like to pull the trigger on this deal asap! So I sincerely Sincerely appreciate any honest opinions yall have for me!:)
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