.308 barrels for DPMS style AR

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Jul 30, 2014
So I am building an a .308 AR and doing some research on what length, twist and brand barrel to build it with.

I have not yet started the upper but my goal is accuracy, especially 200+ yds. It is going to be a bench gun, I am not worried about weight, size or mobility.

I have used Bison and DPMS and Armalite barrels with equal satisfaction, but none of my builds prioritized accuracy above all else. All of my builds were MOA, but not markedly sub-MOA/

In the FWIW department - Armalite and DPMS barrels are interchangeable. Barrel nuts, receivers, and such are not.
I've always thought ARPerformance barrels looked like a good deal, lots of good reviews and they use nitrocarburization. I plan on using an ARP barrel in a build someday.
I bought a stainless Criterion 18.5" barrel from Fulton Armory and have been REALLY happy with it. I used it in a PRS match this past March and was able to pop an egg off of a golf tee at 200 yards...cold bore. Everything went down hill after I lost my tuning on my adjustable gas block while shooting suppressed, but that wasn't the barrel's fault. With my 175 SMK loads, it's a solid sub-moa shooter. It was a really good value.
I've used ARP barrels in 7.62x39 and 6.8SPC and been very happy with them. I don't shoot super high quality reloads thru them, but with generic fodder in a basic build they're solidly MOA.
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