.357 Magnum and .44 Magnum versus 10mm Auto

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Seems silly to me .44 vs .357 thats kind of like M-4 sherman tanks vs tiger tanks or 8 inch gun tin clad curisers vs battleships with 14 inch guns. And for 1900 fps loads with a .357 thats out of a carbine. The old super vel blow up colt loads wont even do that.
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The other nite while firing at cinder blocks with my Ruger New Model Blackhawk 6.5 inch bbl 357mag and New Model Colt Delta Elite I felt a bit surprised that the .357 was hitting harder, a lot harder than my 10mm auto was. I'll get the ammo data in here tomorrow.

Waste not want not. :)
I'm actually a little pissed that the ammo MFG's have messed with the SAAMI specs of original offerings taking things to where they are today. I would venture to guess the original .357 Magnum loadings exceeded 10mm even loaded to it's max. Some of today's .44 Magnum loads look pretty weak too.

Kevin's .357 125gr is the strongest I have tested. Wish I had a Coonan to see what it would do out of a 5" or 6" barrel. If I got 1550 FPS I can see it hitting 1800.
Here's some chrono data;

Remington factory 125gr SJHP;

Dan Wesson/4" - 1456fps, ES 58fps, SD 18fps.

M686P/6" - 1627fps, ES 51fps, SD 22fps.

Sierra #5 ( latest edition) has full power 357 mag loading data.

From Lyman #47, factory equivalent 125s is 17.7grs/2400 powder;

M686P/4" CCI magnum primers;
5@1561fps - ES 32fps, SD 12fps.

Win mag primers;
5@1562fps - ES 38fps, SD 19fps.

AA #9/17.0grs - CCI mag primers;
5@1564fps - ES 54fps, SD 22fps.

The above loads are under max using Sierra #5 data, work up with caution and use proper loading protocol.

For those who are concerned about cylinder gap:

M629/6.5" 240gr Nosler JHP, N110/20.6grs/CCI 350;
6@1421fps - ES 34fps, SD 15fps.

Desert Eagle/6" 240gr Hornady XTP, N110/20.7grs/WLP;
6@1305fps - ES 23fps, SD 08fps.

6@1336fps - ES 15fps, SD 06fps.
Kinda old thread, I know. But Intercooler (and whoever else has tried the 180gr Underwood XTP's), I am interested in using these rounds in my Desert Eagle, however I want to make sure they will be reliable. Ordinarily, DE's are supposed to use 240gr HP's or SP's to work reliably, but I figure that if the Underwoods are that much more powerful, it would make up for the lighter weight of the bullet to cycle the slide. What do you think?
Yes it should cycle your slide fast. They are a good deal so go for the Underwood 180's. Please report back too ;)
44 Mag

Yeah the 41 Mag and 10 mm are about the same. The difference would ie in the number of bullets you want and if you want to throw big bullets or not. The 357 is a great round but the 10 can throw 200 grains or a little more and you can get 15+1 capacity. That is how I always saw it.

With regards to the 44 Mag, a revolver may lose a little in the cylinder gap but that depends on the pistol. My Freedom Arms has a tiny cylinder gap while my Ruger 357 has more. That being said, the possible output of the 44 Mag simply cannot be approached by the 10 mm, so again, it comes down to what you are trying to do with it.

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Don't look at the numbers blindly. Look to see what is available for a given application, i.e. self-defense, and compare performance in the appropriate test medium. You might find the 10mm exceeds 44 Mag performance in ballistic jello.
I contacted Underwood about their 180gr stuff and this was their reply:

"They will definitely fit in the Mag. We do not have a 44 DE to test them out
of, but I do know many of our customers do use them in their DE's and we
have not had any problems reported.

Thanks, Kevin"

So I'll be ordering from them pretty soon!
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