Hey, 10mm Guys!

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Dec 24, 2002
Utah, inside the Terraformed Zone
Check it out. Apparently Taurus is making a Tracker revolver in 10mm Auto.

A lot of folks have been clamoring for a medium framed revolver in that chambering. S&W has discontinued the model 610, but honestly, there's no reason to use an N-Frame to accomodate six shots of 10mm. An L-Frame would work fine.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Taurus' Tracker line seems to be hit or miss. They've made models in .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .45 Colt, .45ACP, and others. The only centerfires that seem to stay in production for long are the .357s.

Still, though, thought somebody might be happy over this. :)
Gunblast seems to be down right now, but that sounds interesting. I really like s&w products alot and would buy them first if I could, but taurus making them might get them a sale.

I wonder what a 10mm scandium jframe would be like :evil:
The 6-shot Smith 610s were nice guns, allowing you to shoot either 10mm or .40S&W with moon clips.

The first generation 610s had fluted cylinders and sported barrels of 5" or 6.5" in length. Mine's a great shooter.

6.5" S&W 610.


It would be great if Taurus actually sold these however they said they were going to put out their 24/7 model in 38 Super and I've never seen one of those. I am a big Taurus fan myself so anything they do in 10mm will be tempting.

The S&W 610 is a great piece. N-frame means it can handle the hottest handloads I can conjur up.
I wonder if this will be a 6 shot gun or a retarded 5 shot? If it's a six shooter there would be a market to the action pistol shooters. I'd love to have one to shoot .40s in.
From the looks of that pic at Gunblast it is a 5-shot cylinder, which is what I'd figure for the relatively compact Tracker frame.

Still, a neat idea. Taurus comes up with lots of intriguing revolver designs. Now if only they'd bring back the unported, stainless steel Model 445 fivegun in good old .44 Special.
I like Taurus, but.........

I'd still prefer an S&W 610. I have a 625 in 45acp, which is the same gun. I have two Tauri, a 941 22 wmr and a 627 .357. Both have cyl issues, but are fun to shoot and accurate beyond belief.
Had the tracker in 357 mag and liked it.

Might have to add this 4" to the collection.

Taurus is offering two 10mm revolvers this year. One is built on the Tracker platform, with a 5-round cylinder. A second is built on their larger frame and holds 6 rounds.

Why is it that some chamberings come and go? It has everything to do with popularity. 10mm fans may (or may not) go for these guns in a big way, but the fact is, 10mm boosters represent a relatively small segment of the overall market. The same can be said about those that want revolvers chambered in .45ACP, 9mm Para., and other pistol rounds. Taurus however, is willing to gamble and test the market. So long as they are selling well they will continue to make 10mm revolvers (that will also shoot .40 S&W), but when sales slow they'll discontinue them. The same logic applies to the .45's and 9mm's.

Hint: When you would like to see something send an e-mail to the company. One won't make much difference, but they do listen. A whole flock of messages may well result in something - like all manufacturers they are in business to sell guns... ;)
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