410 / 41 calinber cast bullet?

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Oct 25, 2010
so, my brother is lending my son his 410 single shot for however long he wants to use it. it sat in his closet since our dad died, back in 1985. anyway, i want to get reloading for it, and my boy wants to shoot slugs as well for some reason. i told him that with just a bead sight, they will be as accurate as a snowball, but that is not discouraging him. a friend has a 41 caliber bullet mold for his 41 magnum, and i was wondering about shooting them thru the shotgun. would they work? i do not know the as cast dimensions yet, as he just mentioned it in passing. it is a lee mold. i do not even know if they make a slug mold for a 410, (i am set up to cast) i am just thinking he may get over his interest just by shooting a few.
I don't think it is a good idea.
Mainly because I have no idea where or what you could find for ballpark reloading data.
But also because if the shotgun has a Mod or Full choke, the .410" bullet will not fit through it.

If you did it, you would have to cut off plastic shotcups and load a .410 bullet on top of the base wad, as I don't think a shot cup + the bullet wouldn't even fit in the case.

I would order a box of these and the .410 reloading data book they also sell.

The round balls will be much more accurate then a tumbling .41 Mag bullet.

Maybe he will get it out of his system.

well those are certainly different. but i think for the cost with the book included, i will buy a couple of boxes of slugs and let him have at it with them. hopefully, it is just a curiosity thing, and this will satisfy it for him. if not, i will have to talk him into a rifle. which probably won't take a lot of doing. slugs from any smooth bore shotgun is like throwing rocks as far as accuracy goes.
Never load anything for a shotgun that you do not have data for the exact components. The pressure capacity for a shotgun is limited and small changes can push loads over the edge. Using a bullet designed for a revolver in a shot shell is asking for trouble.

Generally you don't shoot enough slugs to warrant hand loading them but if you do, buy hollow based slugs meant for shotguns and use data from a reliable source.
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