44 mag 240 grain keith swc Missouri bullet

This thread covers alot of good points
I personally shoot 6.5 gr of Titegroup in the 44 Mag cases with a Keith style bullet. Nice and clean, about 800ish in the velocity department out of 7.5 inch super blackhawk. Stick with the middle of the road on the Hodgdon data and you'll be just fine. No need to throttle up that powder with that bullet, and somewhere between 6 and 7 gr you should find a spot that groups excellent.
My higher end loads I always shoot jacketed
11-12 grains of HS6 works great with plain base cast bullets from 240-280 grains in 44 magnum. I’m running 11.8 with a 280 grain home cast NOE Elmer Keith remake. Very wide nose and thicker bands is difference in weight. I shoot the same load with 250 trainers too. 280 grain load turned my SW Combat Magnum into my carry piece. It’s the most accurate load in my most accurate pistol at current. Use a magnum primer. It’s shoots cleaner that way. IMG_1628.jpeg
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