44 Ubert Army load variations

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Dec 27, 2002
1860 Uberti Army velocity/ extreme spread
35 grain Swiss FFFG Uberti 1031 48
35 Grains Swiss today 1020 34
40 Grains Goex FFFG 993 34
40 Grains Goex FFFG with wonder wad 942 38
40 Grains Swiss FFFG 1042 49
40 Grains Swiss FFFG with wonder wad 1055 80

35 gr./vol. Pyrodex P Uberti 1047 116
35 gr/vol today 1073 34
35 gr./vol. Pyrodex P Uberti
" felt wonder wad today 1055 69

Some load checking. I clocked another six rounds with 35 grains of Swiss .454 Ball and came up with similar results as some months ago.

Then started messing with 40 Grains of Goex and Swiss- Grease over ball and then no grease but with wonder wad. On one occasion, I forgot to put the grease on and ended up with neither. I cleaned the barrel after each six rounds finding the bore totally nasty looking except with the later pyrodex P loads. Swiss and Goex obliterated the rifling and darkened the bore full length. Those loaded with wonder wads and no grease while visibly the same as the others, would clean up with three or four swipes of the cleaning rod.

The Grease used is CVA Grease Patch. It is a bit less prone to melt and run than Crisco or Bore Butter

The Greased balls and the six I forgot to grease laid down hard fouling requiring about ten swipes of the cleaning patch to remove all of it. Same observation with the .36 61 Navy and the Remington Uberti. Hard fouling whether greased or not.

Comparing Velocities between those loads using Wonder wads and those not, I seem to be arriving at zero sum. They swap the velocity lead seemingly at random.

In this revolver, Unlike the Uberti Remington, 40 grains of swiss has no real lead over 35 grains. What it did do was to blow the hammer back far enough to interfer with subsequent cocking. This occured with or without wonder wads. It did not happen with 40 grains of goex or 35 grains of Swiss or 35 grains of Pyrodex P. With those loads, function was smooth and unproblematic.

Across the board, it appears that velocities might be a bit slower with wonder wads but this is not really predictable. My .36 loads lost velocity with wonderwads and black powder but the reverse happened with Pyrodex P.
Mec, Once again great stats! I'm sure glad we have someone like you to do the testing and share the results with us.The money it would cost me to buy all the powders you use and to buy a chrono would also cost me a divorce!,Lol.Well, not really but I would be in the dog house for a while:)
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