.45 LC load info wanted

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The RCBS 45-270-SAA 270gr SWC over 16.0gr of 2400 will generate approx. 14 kpsi and be safe in both weapons. You should have over 900 fps in the revolver. Jacketted bullets at subsonic velocities risks sticking the bullet in the bore. The 250gr SWC/8.5gr Unique load posted by rcmodel is a very good choice too.
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My above load in a lever action with 16.25" barrel is about a 3 moa rifle.

The longer barrel gets 1536 fps.

It kicks like a mule.

If I put a large sized Limbsaver and do not grind it to fit, so it has all that area on the shoulder, then it is ok.
.45 colt load info wanted

Thanks for all the input! Is there a site with starting and max loads for a 250 grain jacked bulet for a Rossi m 92 with a 20 inch barrel using 2400 powder, I want acracy, not the highest speed. I already load .357 with 2400 and a light load in .38 special using a 148 grain flat nose using bullseye, both very acurate. I do have many reloading books but not much info using the .45 colt in a 20 inch barrel. What would be a starting load and max load for my uberti with the 4 3/4 inch barrel using bullseye? Thanks, Dennis
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