7/8"x14 to 7/8"x14 coupler?

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Sep 14, 2007
I have a Dillon 550B and a Rock chucker supreme single stage.

I want to run one of my Dillon Powder Dispenser on the Rock chucker. I have the Dillon return springs for powder thrower (like the RL450), and I also have the bell crank that doesn't have the safety return linkage. So it works fine on small cases and I can throw powder all day long on the RCBS with the Dillon powder thrower on smaller cases, I.e., 380, or 38 special etc. But I want to run it for 357 cases too.

My problem is if I use the Dillon Powder die and Funnel, the die only screws into the Rock chucker a few turns because the The RAM on the RCBS comes up to far with the larger case length of the 357, so you end of over belling and destroying brass. I can still get it to work, but only a few threads are inserted into the RCBS, making it rather wobbly.

Does anyone make a 7/8"x14 male to 7/8"x14 female 1" or even 1/2" coupler so I can run larger cases?

Similar to these http://store.gun-guides.com/Perfect-Adapters_c_12.html ?

My google searches didn't quite work out, I figured this would be an easy item to find and people have done this same very thing.

Thanks and great weekend to all.
There are spacers for sale from several companies. They come separately or in a set. I bought a set from Redding that did not cost much. I think it's what you need.

If your setup works fine with the .38 Special the spacer will raise the die so that you can use the .357 Magnum case in the same space.

If that's not what you are looking for maybe the Lee powder riser will help you.
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@ ArchAngelCD

Correct, I need to be able to raise the die in the press, unfortunately I can't go any higher as I have run out of threads. Hence why I wanted a 7/8x14 thread insert into the RCBS press with a female end to accept the 7/8x14 thread that the die can be inserted into. Basically male to female.

I suppose I can always just buy a regular powder thrower like a Uniflow but I was hoping to use my extra powder dispensers from dillon on the Rock Chucker.

Then I got to thinking, maybe I can unscrew the 1-1/4" RCBS bushing and put a 1/4" or 1/2" spacer under it, this would allow me to screw the die in further into the press.

I can't believe nobody else tried to use a Dillon on a non-Dillon single stage press, or if they did, it didn't work so great.
I was going to suggest putting a spacer under the bushing insert, but you've already thought of that. I still think that would be your best bet, though.

Hope this helps.

What powder funnel are you using?

If you have a #F funnel installed for 380 you will want the shorter #D funnel for 357 mag.

The longer 380 funnel will be too long for 357 and the shorter 357 funnel won't be able to reach a 380 case.

In essence the shorter funnel is the same thing as raising the die.


I can't believe nobody else tried to use a Dillon on a non-Dillon single stage press, or if they did, it didn't work so great.

I have never had a powder measure mounted on a single stage, always just to the side. Throw charge then seat bullet but I have never been one for having a bunch of open charged cases on the bench.
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I never mounted a powder measure to a single stage press either. That's why I asked if his measure could be used as a stand alone. I would think it would be more efficient that way.
He said he had a measure that did not have the failsafe lockout on it so he has one of these two linkages.


And you can operate either manually but the drop tube inside is fairly large.

I would think he is wanting to use the expander/bell part of the powder funnel too. If I were to make a wild guess, he has a Dillon setup for 380 and instead of a conversion kit for it to 357 he is trying to get it done on a SS with what he has. Wouldn't be a lot of reason to try and use a Dillon measure on a SS if you could be using the progressive and the correct powder funnel comes with every conversion kit.

The complete conversion kit for the 550 is $46 the correct powder funnel for 357 is $16.
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