A 13-year old at the range

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I have to admit that this is excellent advice. Borrowing guns is a great way to gain lots of experience for little money.
Let me tell you a little something about a California kid leaving the state, shooting something illegal in CA, and coming back with the bragging rights.

For Spring Break back in March I went to my grandparents house in New Mexico with one of my friends from church. On the second-to-last day before we left, he lent us his AK-47 and 100 rounds to blow off.

<side note>We bought 750 rounds of .22 between us since he had never shot a real gun before and I don't get to shoot very often. We shot off every last one. </side note>

Neither of us had even SEEN an AK-47 in real life and non airsoft before. He had never held a gun bigger than .22 before. I had fired an SKS but it wasn't anywhere near as impressive. We nicknamed the AK "Thunder" because when you're in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico in a canyon, the sound waves kind of go all over the place. Every shot sounded like its own thunderstorm. After each of our first shots (I let him go first and YES I taught him the safety rules) our faces lit up. Smiles ear to ear. We got it on video and shot some pictures. I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

On that day, we swore to each other that, when presented the chance and out of the bondage of CA, we would each buy an AK-47 as soon as we had the money for it and ammo.

When we got back, we were viewed as kings by the other youth guys (we're both 16) and terrorists by the adults. Every male was jealous to the bone. Keep in mind that most Californian youth think that the AWB is nationwide and that nobody except a Middle Eastern terrorist would use an AK. We had more bragging rights than anyone else.

There was nothing better. I even saved the last round for my collection (yes, I am trying to collect one round of every caliber).

So don't take what you guys have for granted.

But anyway, I think you should get the 9mm for your nephew. Recoil isn't too much but isn't too little. Good balance (if I can remember three years ago well enough)
Definitely an EBR like an AR or AK, with as big a mag capacity as possible. 30 rounds mags are great, 75 round drums are even better. Take lots of pics to show the cali people.

That or a .50BMG.
An AK or SKS would be an excellent choice. Here's what you get when you hand a kid that age (my son is 12 in this pic) an SKS;


That's his younger brother with a .22 pistol behind him; both are very safe with guns, and good shots, too!:)

Good luck, and have fun!:)
Go with the .45 it was the first I shot with as a kid and have loved it every since! Of couse my second was a .357 magnum and you can't be displeased with it as a kid either:)
Well, I agree that the EBR is the way to go for the biggest brag. However, I paid quarterly taxes yesterday and couldn't talk myself into the additional expense.

I could talk myself into a Marlin 1894C to go with my GP100. It'll tie nicely in with the Little Big Horn since I believe forensics has identified there being between 10 and 20 lever guns on the winning side.

I plan on letting him shoot which ever he chooses after he proves he's safe and can handle a .22 rifle and handgun. (I may try to exercise some control since I can see 2-3 hours cleaning if he shoots everything possible and no block of time available until he's gone and no help whatsoever.)
I still think there should be someone in the area with a few EBRs willing to let a kid try them....

Of course, like every other good thing in life, the trick lies in finding them. :banghead:
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