ACOG Mount Question

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Jul 7, 2009
Right now I have a decent 3-12x power scope on my RRA LAR-8.
I want to turn it into an all around utilitarian rifle that will be good for everything. I don't trust the ruggedness or durability of my current optic.
I'm going to take the plunge and get a Trijicon ACOG. With the websites handy product I chose the TA33R-9. I only have two questions about the optic.

1. On the webpage it shows a picture of the reticle. Does the reticle actually have that silhouette outline, or is that just to show what it looks like?

2. The TA60 Flattop mount- is that about the same height of 1.5" rings with a scope. That height works for me and I don't want it to be too high.

Thanks for you help.

If you have pictures of your ACOG's, feel free to show me.
here's a pic of "MY" M4 with ACOG. it's only mine for about 2 more months then i go back to the states
No, the reticle doesn't have the silhouette in it. Just the chevron and stadia lines.

As for the height, it is designed specifically for AR flat-tops, so it should be good to go. As for how high it is compared to a scope in 1.5" rings, I'm not sure. All flat-top ACOGs are a perfect height for me. The ones that mount on the carry handle are a little high though.

One thing you might consider... the TA33 is lightweight, has a nice long eye relief, and is cheaper than other ACOGS, but it has a very narrow field of view. I found it annoying to shoot when I shot someone else's. For just a little bit more you could get a TA11, which is pretty much perfect. It still has a pretty forgiving eye relief, and has a much wider FOV. Its BDC also goes out to 800m instead of 600. The TA31 (the one that the military uses) is pretty good too, though it has a shorter eye relief than the TA11.

Personally on my .308, I have the TA55. It costs a bit more and is a bit longer and heavier, but I really like the extra bit of magnification over a 3 or 4x. It makes the rangefinding reticle easier to use. It is still great at close range using the bindon aiming concept method.
If you have your heart set on the ACOG, then the TA33 is a nice model, but the narrow field of view mentioned is no joke. It's pretty darned narrow. I don't know that this will make a difference to you though.

The ACOG looks to be a nice combat optic, but if having a combat ready rifle isn't necessarily your concern and want to keep the rifle flexible, I'd look for a more conventional scope. My favorite general purpose optic is a 2.5-10X32 Nightforce. Good glass and very robust build.

I've tried more than a few ACOGs of the 3 and 4X variety and wound up selling them all in favor of more conventional optics for their flexibility; although I do still run a 1.5X ACOG on my carbine.
Ok. I was using Trijicon's website to compare 3 products so tell me what you think of each.


I think the TA11J-308 is now kinda what I'm leaning towards. I like the crosshair reticle.
I went with the TA31 and love it, I just wish the eye relief was a little better

Here it is after I painted it

I always get the TA11 and TA31 confused. One has a pretty short eye relief that makes awkward positions difficult and the other is very functional for the average joe. Based on spleify's comment, I believe that the TA11 is the one that is the way to go.

If this will be your first ACOG, I would suggest that you try to get your hands on one to try out before you buy one. I'm not knocking the ACOG. It's a solid piece of gear and requires no fuss to keep it in working order, but for the average guy, it may not be as useful or flexible as a more conventional optic.

I'll admit that the sight has a high "cool" factor and is bullet proof, but I know lots of guys that got them and, after the newness wore off, found that they didn't fit their needs very well. I've bought several and wound up with a Nightforce in the end. That little learning experience cost me about $1K losses buying ACOGs and selling them.
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