Advanced Pistol Fighting DVD Release!!!

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May 23, 2007
Richmond, IN
Hot News!!!

ITC is proud to announce the release of our Advanced Pistol Fighting DVD. The DVD contains most of the core material taught in the actual Advanced Pistol Fighting course. A bonus DVD is included. The bonus DVD consists of a daily drawing regimen that takes about 10 minutes per day to do. The drills are based upon the techniques taught on the main DVD. Viewers will conduct each of the five drills ten times each. The purpose of the daily drawing regimen is to get people used to drawing from concealment in a realistic manner.

Advanced Pistol Fighting is a close-quarters combatives course which integrates unarmed combatives with the use of a pistol. Most of the time some sort of action is required before attempting to draw your firearm. That action may be parrying a knife attack or getting off the muzzle end of the gun, etc.

Do you think the gun is your last resort? Our philosophy is that unarmed combatives is actually your first and last resort. One reason for this belief is that if you can resolve the conflict with unarmed combatives, then you should do so. Secondly, it is nearly impossible to carry a gun with you every where you go. Therefore, if you only have “firearms” training, how do you expect to protect yourself or your loved ones when you are not carrying your gun? In addition, what are you going to do if your gun goes click instead of bang? Or, you have shot the attacker multiple times and they are still coming at you?

Advanced Pistol Fighting provides you solutions for dealing with single and multiple armed assailants whether you are unarmed or armed with a pistol. If you are looking for one video that will provide you with potentially life saving information, look no further!

Advanced Pistol Fighting price for discussion forum members is a mere $29.95. That is $20 off the suggested retail price!
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