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Advice on a Burglar/Fire Safe for Documents

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by heeler, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. heeler

    heeler Member

    Dec 18, 2007
    First I would like to say that i am new here and found this place by google while searching earnestly on the web for information about quality gun safes.
    After reading a huge number of past threads about safes,gun safes in particular, I thought since at least two of the members actually are in the safe business my questions are directed at them,but not just them.
    First i already own an older Amsec gun safe that is o.k. but has run out of room.
    I will most likely be buying a new gun safe in the very near future with the Amsec BF series and one of Ft.Knox's models(Defender) with some security upgrade options that only Ft.Knox will do as an order are the top contenders of choice.
    Of the two the Amsec is the cheaper in price and i am confident either one will deter all but the most able bodied smash and grab pukes that are not carrying 6 foot pry bars and 20 pound sledge hammers in their back pockets.

    Now the other safe i am considering is a personal document safe that is at least fire rated for important papers.
    True one could rent a safety deposit box and save the expense but for personal reasons at this time i cant and wont.
    So in the huge assortment of past posts on the subject of gunsafes i have read by the resident experts that most gunsafe dont do too well in a home fire and so therefore should not be used to store documents and cash.
    That being the case i am looking at several safes and they are the following models but not necessarily limited to these:
    Amsec BF 1512
    Adesco CBF1
    Cobalt SBO1
    Mutual Rhino RS-0
    I like the Amsec because it carrys the UL rating for fire prortection and is American made.
    The others carry a one to two hour non UL fire rating.
    These safes are pretty much the size and weight i desire and all can be bolted down but here's something i need advice on.
    The experts here pretty much scoff at anything that has an RSC rating basically implying all one needs is about five minutes of time along with a screw driver and hammer to enter.
    Not trying to sound like a wise a$$ but there are many RSC rated gunsafes that carry that RSC rating that i would love to see how someone could get into that easily.
    Some of these models would be the Amsec BF series, Amsec SE model,many of the Ft.Knox double wall safes,and several other plate steel door with 3/16 of an inch body gun safes.
    So being that some of the personal documents safes carry this RSC rating should they be disqualified from the field as being to easy to break into??
    Again i feel pretty confident in my future gun safe choice of purchase to protect my hunting rifles and shotguns but i just want to make sure i purchase a personal document safe that will hold up reasonably well in a home fire and or home burglary.
    Again my home is a single story structure sitting on a cement slab and the safe will be bolted in a tight closet.
    Any help will be appreciated.
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