Airplane Hijacking

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Mar 15, 2008
So hypothetically speaking you board an airplane. Sometime during the flight a mechanic hijacks the airplane. The flight attendants inform you that if you just stay seated and act normal the flight should be the same. You are armed with only your personal computer and a few personal effects. What do you do?
Whatever Chuck Norris would do; probably knock the tangos out with my beard.

What would you do, and why? S&T is a place to discuss our options.
A mechanic? Did he demand you fly him to Home Depot?

Determine if he is alone
Take him out
Put him in 16B (the ejection seat)
Depends. Did he kill the only pilots? How armed is he? Based off the airport security nowadays, he MOST LIKELY isn't going to be armed enough to hold off a majority of passengers on the plane. If someone hijacks a plane in today's world, they better be friggin well prepared. Unless they killed the air marshal(s) and both pilots (now allowed by law to train with and carry weapons), I will do everything in my power to make the SOB bleed, stick my thumb into his eye socket and beat him with whatever is in reach. Think about the possibilities, yes. He may have killed an air marshal and taken his weapon. He may have killed a pilot and taken his weapon. He may have BEEN one of the pilots who has trained for years to become a pilot/air marshal, just to hijack it and kill everyone for god knows what reason. There are plenty of scenarios you have to think about, but in the long run would you rather have a situation like the towers, or flight 93 where the passengers decided to revolt against the hijackers and prevent even more destruction? I know personally that I would risk my life and the lives of everyone else on board a single airplane to potentially save the lives of hundreds and possibly thousands of other lives, and I'm sure MOST LIKELY a MAJORITY of the other passengers on the flight would have the same frame of mind.
This is a post 9/11 world passengers resist now, pilots depressureize the cabin. I doubt very seriously hat we will ever see another high jacking
I always carry a lot of change when I fly for "phones and vending machines". I also carry a change of clothes in my bag including clean/dry socks in my laptop case. Drop the change in the socks, one sock inside the other. Flotation seat cushion as a shield. My major hobby is reenactment medieval combat as a full speed, full power, competitive martial art. Weapon and shield in an airplane aisle where he can't get away from me? I'd bet on me!

I'd have to agree with the others here. You better have BIG stones to try a hijacking now. Prior to 9/11, most hijackings involved diverting to some god-forsaken country and sitting around on a tarmac for a while. Comparatively few people actually died. That changed with 9/11, when the airplanes themselves became missiles instead of a means for transportation.

In a hijacking today, I'd be happy to partake in an angry mob style beating of a hijacker, a-la Flight 93 simply because it would be foolish to assume you're dealing with a "peaceful" hijacker.

A few untrained people could incapacitate or kill one hijacker in a matter of seconds. How? Have one or two knock him down, then "everyone grab a limb" and pull/jerk as hard as possible. It would take 4 people to dislocate the shoulder and hip joints. A fifth could work the head/neck.

A note those who have faith in the Air Marshall program: It's been estimated that Air Marshall coverage is less than 1% of flights. The government will not disclose the actual figure, nor will they disclose the number of marshalls in the program. It goes without saying that the program is more of a scare tactic than a safety program.

Rest assured, however, it is highly likely that marshalls are present on a very large number of flights in and out of the DC metro area. If there's one thing governments are good at, it's protecting themselves and their interests.
I would depressurize the cabin and put on my oxy mask. And then beat the crap outa him.

Oh wait, im the i count in this thread? :)
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Hijacking isn't a problem aboard my aircraft.:D

My usual armament when flying includes a sturdy pen (can be used as kubotan or short dagger), flashlight (impact weapon) and cell phone.

Here, I'm probably calling my wife to tell her I love her, and to sue the airline (as if airlines have any value these days) if I'm harmed--"Don't ask for too much: just TWO of the CEO's houses."

What else can I do? I have no info. The cockpit is fortified. I do not know if he plans on doing the old-fashoined ransom demand/fly us to Cuba, or the new-fashioned into-a-building. Not sure I'm going to try stabbing him with my pen (if he comes out), or try to crash us by opening the loading doors in flight on a guess.

But as we should all know by now, from Flight 93 to the sneaker bomber, WE are the security system on an airline (until they put Marshals on all flights). Personally, I wouldn't mind that, as long as I'm the security system around here--maybe give me a weapon and a little gosh-darn respect!
go back to sleep; its just a daymare
besides, the Thousands Standing Around will rend all necessary assistance in a timely fashion. but let them finish frisking the 80 years old lady with the tactical walker first.
Whatever is gonna happen, do it quick... if a hijacked plane goes anywhere near a major city or target, you'd better hope that your computer comes with the new Windows Vista Missile Jamming module. I don't think the powers that be would allow another plane to be used as a weapon.
How big is the plane? Where is the "mechanic" and does he have any accomplices? Do you know where they are? How do you plan on getting to the mechanic, wherever he is?

Do you have anything that would make a useful weapon? Do you have any idea how to use it? Most folks here are completely dependent upon a firearm and don't have any idea how to use any other type of weapon much less improvise one.
I agree with the other pilot!

Have you ever pictured something as scary as a crazed pilot in an oxygen mask beating the snot out of someone with a 3lb copy of the federal aviation regulations?
One moment whilst I amble into 1st class, pick up a nice heavy bottle of wine, drink contents, now glass the bugger.

Dull impact or jagged razor edge, pick your preference.

I giggle inside every time I'm on a flight as no dull metal cutlery allowed but big old glass bottles are OK.....
I've never seen a fullsize (750ml) bottle of wine on an airline, and I flew first class (domestic, never international) at least 10 times in '04. They have individual serving bottles of wine, just like your mini bottles of liquor.

i would use my laptop computer to log on to the highroad, and read this thread...browse the classifieds, then spring into action with whatever reply sounded most awesome!!!

but more than likely, i would army crawl under the seats, then spring up behind the hijacker and hit him with the vulcan death grip.
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