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Americans Safer in Florida Than in Illinois, Gun Group Says

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Desertdog, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. Desertdog

    Desertdog Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Ridgecrest Ca
    Americans Safer in Florida Than in Illinois, Gun Group Says
    By Susan Jones
    CNSNews.com Senior Editor

    (CNSNews.com) - The Illinois State Rifle Association says Florida is a great vacation destination -- especially now that a new state law allows citizens to defend themselves against thugs who would harm them.

    Under Florida's new self-defense law, which took effect Oct. 1, an intruder who breaks into someone's home, occupied vehicle, or office is presumed to have criminal intent, allowing the victim to shoot in self-defense. The law also removes a person's "duty to retreat" if that person is attacked in any place he or she has a right to be.

    Before Oct. 1, people being violently attacked in Florida had a duty to run away from their attackers before they could legally defend themselves. "The new law erased that absurdity, thus allowing law abiding citizens in the state to defend themselves and their families while maintaining their dignity," ISRA said in a press release.

    Florida also allows out-of-state residents to obtain concealed weapons licenses as long as the applicant has passed certain gun safety classes and has a clean criminal record. The Illinois State Rifle Association is encouraging Illinois residents to acquire concealed carry permits before visiting the Sunshine State.

    It's a fairly simple process, ISRA said: And once approved, the permit holder will have concealed carry privileges in more than 25 other states that have reciprocal agreements with Florida.

    "Florida is a wonderful vacation destination for the entire family," said ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson.

    "The Florida vacation experience is made even better when the law-abiding tourist knows that he or she can carry a defensive firearm as a means of protecting the family against robbers, rapists and murderers. Florida's progressive views on the right of self defense are reflected in the state law that allows qualified persons from outside the state to obtain a concealed weapons license."

    ISRA is applauding the Florida legislature for repealing the "short-sighted" duty-to- retreat provisions contained in the state's deadly force laws: "Law-abiding citizens will no longer have to cower in the face of danger out of fear of being arrested or sued for defending themselves or their families," Pearson said.

    He called it "a great move forward," adding that an Illinoisan visiting Florida has a greater sense of security than he or she would have at home in Illinois.

    Illinois is among a handful of states that denies its citizens the right to carry concealed firearms.

    "It's a shame that the politics of gun control has endangered the lives of so many law- abiding Illinois citizens," Pearson said. He said ISRA will continue to fight for an Illinois concealed-carry law - to "reverse the denial of the this most basic of human rights."

    ISRA's applause for Florida comes at a good time. A leading gun control group has just launched a "public information" campaign to scare tourists away from Miami by suggesting that the new law will lead to a Wild West atmosphere.

    The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun violence is running ads and handing out pamphlets at Miami International Airport, warning tourists that the new law "may lead to the reckless use of guns on the streets of Florida cities."

    A Second Amendment group has dismissed the campaign as "tourist terrorism."
  2. SB88LX

    SB88LX Member

    Jun 23, 2004
    Under tyranny in MD
    I think I'll fly into miami just to receive a pamphlet, go to the bathroom, use it as toilet paper, and hand it back to the brady idiot.
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