Animal Cruelty!!!

I recall one time while I was in the USAF in North Dakota at my yearly qualification with the m16 the Range Master told us there was a prairie dog that had taken up residence in the 100 yard berm/backstop and if any of us shot him we'd be in a heap of dung. Sure enough the little bugger came out of his hole and scurried over to another hole while everyone was firing. Dirt flying all over the backstop and the lucky thing made it without being hit. Talk about taking up residence in a bad neighborhood!
Did you tag it? From the looks of the photo you have already field dressed it.
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Page 2 and not one post that you must have been shooting .45 ACP because 9mm would have bounced off the bug. Yet.
Wouldn't bounce off.

But he'd have to hit it twice with a 9 mm to actually take the bug out of the fight. ;)

A 9 mm may expand, but a 45 will never shrink!
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Our range has a "no shoot" policy when it comes to animals, including snakes. It's a safety thing as some people can't be trusted to keep their gun pointed down range.
Anyway, at a competition where there was a 5yd target and large bug was sitting in the -0 area. I purposely aimed and shot it. After the stage was done the SO jokingly said he should DQ me for violating range policy.

If it was a smart fly and I was shooting the 10/X ring would be the safest place.;)
There is a story than rocket expert Goddard was not satisfied with the down range videos of his rockets and to better determine why they weren't performing insisted on going down range to observe first hand. When asked were to setup he figured ground zero would be safest because the rockets had never hit anywhere close. We almost lost our entire rocket brain trust that day.
But he'd have to hit it twice with a 9 mm to actually take the bug out of the fight. ;)

A 9 mm may expand, but a 45 will never shrink!

Well, you took your good old time. Now we just need to go off on a tangent on bullet technology including “HST”, “solid copper”, and a reference to the’86 Miami shootout until a moderator has to step in and we can call it a day!

Getting back to the OP, I am not able to ID that bug, but you grow them big there!
Obviously, it was bug-out time. (Hope I didn't steal anybody else's joke. That just popped into my head.)

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I’m glad I opened this thread. For a minute there I thought you had unmercifully abused your Colt.